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OSPI Traffic Safety Education

The Office of Traffic Safety Education (TSE) at OSPI oversees all traffic safety programs that are administered by public school districts in Washington state. The Washington state regulations that govern traffic safety education are RCW 28A-220 and WAC 392-153.

Our goal is to ensure that all public school traffic safety programs provide students with the skills and instruction necessary to build a lifetime of good driving habits. To accomplish this, the office provides an approval process to verify that the Traffic Safety Education program for each participating school district is in compliance with standards.

TSE Online Program Data
School districts can update their TSE program data using this online tool.

Forms for Download
Forms for download include Vehicle Inspection, Program Approval Application, Traffic Safety Endorsement Application, and more.

Guidance and Helpful Links
Our guidance includes publications from OSPI and the Department of Licensing, and links to other agencies.