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       Winner, Brian Farrell Book Prize of the Political Studies Association of Ireland
       Honorable Mention, EU Studies Association Best Book Award 2015-16

       A review of the book by the EUSA book prize panel can found here.


"The Revolutionary Doctrines of European Law and the Legal Philosophy of Robert Lecourt", European Journal of International Law 2017, 28(3): 935-957.

Connections between famous judgments of the Court of Justice and the doctoral dissertation of one of its leading judges. 

"Supremacy, Direct Effect, and Dairy Products in the Early History of European law." International Journal of Constitutional Law, 2016, 14(1): 6-25.

Discussion of writings about the European Court of Justice's three most famous decisions in 1963 and 1964 by Robert Lecourt and others. 

'The Troika: The Interlocking Roles of Commission v. Luxembourg and Belgium, Van Gend en Loos and Costa v. ENEL in the Creation of the European Legal Order', European Law Journal, 2015, 21(1), 116-135.

The logical connection between the European Court of Justice's three most famous decisions in 1963 and 1964, with comparative context.

"Enforcement and Escape in the Andean Community: Why the Andean Community is not a Replica of the European Union" Journal of Common Market Studies, 2015, 53(4) 840-856.

'The Limited Practical Relevance of National Constitutional Rights as a Constraint on the National Application of European Law in the Early Decades of European Integration', Irish Journal of European Law, 2014, 17(1), 43-61.

A contribution to understanding the context of the "SoLange" debate and the ECJ's decisions on the protection of fundamental rights by European law. 

'What is Sui Generis about the European Union? Costly International Cooperation in a Self-Contained Regime', International Studies Review, 2012, 14, 367-85.

'Open International Markets without Exclusion: Encompassing Domestic Political Institutions, International Organization, and Self-Contained Regimes', International Theory, 2011, 3 (2), 286-306.

'Why do the EU Member States accept the Supremacy of European Law? Explaining Supremacy as an Alternative to Bilateral Reciprocity', Journal of European Public Policy 2011, 18 (5), 766-77.

'Political Self-Control and European Constitution: The Assumption of National Political Loyalty to European Obligations as the Solution to the Lex Posterior problem in the National Legal Orders', European Law Journal, 2010, 16 (3), 253-72.

A discussion of how European law's supremacy doctrine is accommodated within the national legal orders.

'Can Ireland Legislate Contrary to European Community Law?', European Law Review, 2008, 33 (4), 530-49. [Working Paper]

and Book Chapter:

'Goodbye to All That: Commission v. Luxembourg & Belgium and Community             Law’s Break with the Enforcement Mechanisms of General International Law.' EU Law Stories: Contextual and Critical Histories of European Jurisprudence B. Davies and F. Nicola. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2017.

Working Papers

"The Revolutionary Doctrines of European Law and the Legal Philosophy of Robert Lecourt" EUI Working Paper LAW 2016/18. Fiesole, European University Institute.

"Diagonal Enforcement in International Trade Politics", EUI SPS Working Paper  2016/1.

'State Reputation as a Public Good', Institute for International Integration Studies Discussion Paper Series No. 275, 2009, (Dublin: Trinity College).

Public Commentary

'The European Union’s Next Nobel Peace Prize', E-International Relations (2013)

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