5. License policy

Perpetual license

Plugin LwCad is a perpetual software license. The license is valid indefinitely!

Software versioning and upgrades

LwCad plugin is using standard versioning using major and minor numbers.
Higher number means a newer version.
Example : LwCad 5.2 - major version is 5 and minor version is 2.

1. major upgrades
    Major upgrades are always paid. License with lower version can by upgraded to latest license for a special upgrade price. Upgrade price depends on the difference between an old license number and the latest license number.
The older versions have usually a bigger upgrade price.
If your license is older than a minimum allowed version then you have to purchase a new full license.

2. minor upgrades
    Minor upgrades are always free. Licenses with the same major number can be upgraded to latest version with no restrictions.

Terms of use

Free trial license.
Trial license is running in limited mode. Some functions in plugin are disabled.
It is strictly prohibited to use this license on commercial projects!

Single seat commercial license (one seat).
Single seat license can be used on multiple computers and multiple platforms, but it is limited to be used by single user at the time.

Multi seat commercial license (two and more seats).
Multi seat license can be used on multiple computers and multiple platforms and is only limited by maximum number of users at the time.
Maximum number of users is defined in the license as a Seat count.

How protection works

When LwCad plugin (commercial license) is activated then the first available seat from license is locked to
currently used machine (machine A).
The available seat count is decreased and plugin can be used on particular machine without restrictions.
When plugin needs to by used on different machine (machine B), then previously locked seat must be unlocked first.
Unlocking can be done on machine A as well as on machine B.
When seat is released from machine A, it can be locked again to machine B and plugin can be used freely on machine B now.

License transferring

LwCad license rights are primarily linked to registered email address.
Owner of registered email is also owner of LwCad license.
Request form for change of registered email can be be found in support section on www.lwcad.com
Currently there is no fee for transferring license to different person or organization.