3. Smart Selection

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Smart selection system is incorporated into LWCAD since version 5.0.
The purpose of this system, is to unify and simplify behavior of all LWCAD edit tools when using on smart mesh. LWCAD 5.0 uses the smart selection system in all tools listed in the Smart Edit section.

Smart selection is based on selection handles which can also have adjustable parameters.
Selection handles are created from geometry.
Adjustable handles are created from geometry or as a combination of existing handles.

Basic selection handles are:
  • segment/edge        - curve segment, polygon edge or nurbs surface edge
  • polygon/surface    - polygon or nurbs surface
  • tool specific            -  created from more handles depend on used tool and mode

Selection is done by clicking or clicking and dragging mouse with left mouse button.
    +      - selected handle

    -       - deselected handle or deactivated handle with active parameter
    #      - activated handle with parameter (previously deactivated)

Constrained selection is done by holding CTRL key
    ++    - selected handles with CTRL key (constrained selection)
- deselected or deactivated handles with CTRL key (constrained deselection)
    ##     -
activated handles with CTRL key (constrained activation)

Adjusting all selected handles is done by holding SHIFT key.
But only handles with parameters can be adjusted.
Each handle with parameters can also be adjusted individually.