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Where to Take Courses

You have a variety of choices for completing the courses required for your ordination.  See these links to find the best fit for you:

Courses are offered by West Texas Ministerial Studies around the district at various teaching points. 
The Awakening School of Ministry -- Certificate and Degree level ministerial preparation on site and at remote sites in Texas
Nazarene Bible College -- Certificate and Degree level ministerial preparation online, modular or on-site.
Nazarene Theological Seminary -- Graduate Level Ministerial Preparation and now offering online/modular courses.
Eastern Nazarene College -- Liberal Arts College located in Quincy, Massachusetts offering online courses. 
Northwest Nazarene University -- offers online modular courses to complete the ministerial course of study.
Southern Nazarene University -- offers online and modular courses and now hosts NTS extension.

Some of the general coursework (English Composition and Church History, for example) may be taken at non-Nazarene universities.  However, theology courses should come from a Nazarene institution or course.