CEUs for Pastors

Continuing educations credits (CEUs) are required for all ordained ministers and licensed ministers who have completed their educational requirements for ordination.  Each year, pastors should complete 2 CEUs or 20 contact hours according to the Manual (p. 199)

There are many options for fulfilling your CEU requirements.  The District Ministerial Studies Board is developing the CEU program for West Texas District Pastors.  Here are some ways to complete your requirement:

  • Take a course from a Nazarene Institution on campus or online.
  • Attend a seminar provided by the District.
  • Attend a seminar or workshop approved for CEU credit by the Ministerial Studies Board.
  • Attend a workshop event at Southern Nazarene University in person or by webcast.
  • Attend a counseling workshop offered at a local hospital or mental health institution.
When you complete something and want to submit it for CEU credit, you can go to this page and report it directly: Lifelong Learning Reporting (CEU Credit)
If you have a question about CEU credit or if a course or seminar would qualify for credit, please contact the District Coordinator:

Rev. Allen Hughes
1667 Kell Blvd.
Wichita Falls, TX  76301