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February, 2011. In response to numerous requests, my (2007) 47-minute video "World Trade Center Not a Demolition" is online again, generously hosted by Mike Williams of Mike has also posted a smaller version of the video for people with slow connections.

Index to scenes in the video:

  • 01:10  South tower inward bowing of exterior wall, no smoke-disturbing detonations precede collapse
  • 01:53  South tower fake collapse audio promoted by truthers as real
  • 02:32   What actual explosive demolitions look and sound like
  • 06:17 North tower audio deception in Loose Change
  • 07:24  "I heard a bomb" – witnesses using figures of speech to describe loud sounds. Includes interview with Hursley Lever, witness to the north tower elevator shaft fireball.
  • 09:35  Use and effects of steel cutter charges.
  • 11:55  A few pounds of cutter charges = huge boom and flash.
  • 13:16  Structural Engineer, collapse expert, and Weidlinger Associates WTC investigator Matthys Levy on conspiracy theories
  • 14:37  North tower "squibs" compared to explosive blasts
  • 16:52  Explosive demolitions eject debris, sometimes dangerously.
  • 18:05  Les Robertson, Twin Towers head engineer, on conspiracy claims
  • 19:35  WTC 7: deceptive claims made by conspiracists, collapse expected by media
  • 22:48  FDNY Chief Daniel Nigro on conspiracist claims
  • 23:00  Collapse of WTC 7 expected by all. On-scene account by FDNY firefighter Miller of Ladder 15, says building leaning, no way to fight fires, pull back from WTC 7
  • 25:08  Brent Blanchard of Protec, who spoke with demolitions experts on the scene and documented the clean-up process, on conspiracist claims
  • 25:45  WTC 7 structural engineer Irwin Cantor on conspiracist claims
  • 26:00  New WTC 7: safety and structural features
  • 27:47  "Architect for 9/11 truth" Richard Gage gives presentation including audio deception
  • 28:36  AE911Truth and STJ911truth member and mechanical engineer Tony Szamboti claims Silverstein said WTC 7 was brought down for safety reasons, and claims the towers showed upward explosions.
  • 29:49  Leading conspiracists claim pyroclastic flows resulted from use of mysterious explosives.
  • 32:49  Was all or most of the WTC tower concrete turned to a fine powder?
  • 34:55  Conspiracists claim tons of explosives – or a sci-fi mystery weapon was used. Video of 100-ton TNT blast
  • 36:02  Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin, and Richard Gage can't make up their minds: explosives, thermate, or super-secret mystery weapons?
  • 37:51  Tons of TNT equivalent were stored in the towers – gravitational potential energy
  • 38:27  Mysteriously-expanding dust clouds? Alex Jones accuses, Jim Hoffman investigates.
  • 41:05  So what caused THESE dust clouds?
  • 43:05  Conspiracist papers published in engineering journals
  • 43:26  The conspiracists' best and brightest run from. a tour guide
  • 44:34  AE911truth & STJ911truth website statistics graphed
  • 44:55  Structural engineer and WTC investigator Gene Corley on conspiracist methods – or lack thereof.
  • 45:40  Suggestions for study: Bazant, Greening, Mackey, Rogers