WTC 7 videos including east mechanical penthouse collapse

Conspiracists often show video from street level and remark about how quickly the building fell (6.6 seconds, according to an estimate by Steven E. Jones and his former students, although since much of the collapse is obscured by other buildings and by the dust and smoke thrown up by WTC 7, it’s impossible to tell exactly when the collapse ends).

However, in this video (download and play it in full-screen mode) it’s obvious that the collapse takes at least 13.5 seconds from the first movement of the east mechanical penthouse, a structure about 115 x 130 feet (35 x 40 meters) in area, until it disappears behind the foreground buildings. NIST and FEMA posit that the east penthouse collapse was due to collapses on floors at the lower levels.

Below: from NIST's WTC 7 interim report. East penthouse begins to collapse 8.2 seconds before global collapse ensues. Adding 6.6 seconds (Steven Jones' time) from the start of global collapse gives a total collapse time of at least 14.6 seconds. Note that this does not take into account internal collapses that may have started earlier but are not visible. And keep in mind that the east penthouse collapse is believed to have occurred due to loss of support on lower floors, not near the roof.

Videos of smoke billowing from the south side of WTC 7

Just as they choose to ignore the mountains of evidence that contradict their theories, 9/11 conspiracy buffs hate to show the south side of the WTC 7, which shows smoke billowing out of nearly every visible floor.

If you still think there wasn’t an inferno in WTC 7, click here:

Steve Spak's dramatic WTC 7 video

And here:

And here:

WTC 7, late afternoon, from behind the WFC From West & Vesey Street, Verizon bldg. at left.

MSNBC Video: “What we’ve been fearing all afternoon...”
In another video clip, Ashleigh Banfield of MSNBC is interviewing a woman when WTC 7 collapses in the background. Banfield: “This is it!” Newsman Brian Williams: “What we’ve been fearing all afternoon has apparently happened. We’ve been watching number seven World Trade, which was part of the ancillary damage of the explosion and collapse of the other two.” Watch it here:

NBC News reporter, with WTC smoking in background.:
"We are also told by Port Authority officials that the building over there, which is building number 7, which you can see, it is referred to as building number 7. It's about, oh, I would say, a 20-story building – that there is some concern on the part of Port Authority officials about the stability of that building at this point. So obviously, as we have been discussing all day, a very, very difficult circumstance as to exactly when that area really is going to be truly secure."

WTC collapse video from northeast. Note the huge cloud of dust and smoke resulting from the collapse of the east mechanical penthouse.

We’ve now read many reports from professionals on the scene about the condition of WTC 7. All of these firsthand reports are in agreement that the building was in imminent danger of collapse due to the damage and fires it sustained.

We’ve also seen that WTC 7’s collapse did not look or sound like an explosive demolition, and we’ve seen still photos and videos that show an immense amount of smoke pouring from the building’s south and east side.

We’ve seen evidence that contradicts the claim that specific WTC 7 steel showed signs of being cut with explosive charges, and we’ve read the opinion of NIST about the plausibility of using thermite or thermate do destroy the building. Finally, we’ve (hopefully) read the NIST’s interim report on WTC 7 to better understand how the building was constructed and why it may have collapsed as it did. Here’s the report again: