What about those "explosive squibs?"

Can “explosive squibs” be seen coming from WTC 7 on video?

Steven E. Jones, among others, promotes that idea, and it’s as silly as 9/11 conspiracy claims get:
"Squibs (horizontal puffs of smoke and debris) are
 observed emerging from WTC-7, in regular sequence,
 just as the building starts to collapse. (See: 
http://tinyurl.com/7drxn) Yet the floors have not 
moved relative to one another yet, as one can verify 
from the videos, so air-expulsion due to collapsing
 floors is excluded. I have personally examined many 
building demolitions based on on-line videos, and the 
presence of such squibs firing in rapid sequence as
 observed is prima facie evidence for the use of 
pre-positioned explosives inside the building.  ...I conclude that the evidence for 
pre-positioned explosives in WTC 7 (also in towers 1
and 2) is truly compelling." http://tinyurl.com/jpe9s

I encourage everyone to read the whole page from which the Jones quote is taken. Jones’ “observations” and conclusions wouldn’t pass muster if they came from a junior-high school student. Note in particular his “experiment” in which he drops a block of concrete on another from a height of 12 feet and concludes that it’s “nonsense!” that concrete could pulverize when a billion-pound, quarter-mile high building crashes down! Can Jones, a physicist, possibly be that ignorant? Is he putting us on?

Here’s a still from the cropped, low-quality video that Jones wants us to see (http://tinyurl.com/7drxn)

Is there some reason that Steven Jones doesn’t want us to see a good quality video of this event, which is just as easy to find on the internet as a poor-quality video? Judge for yourself: http://tinyurl.com/qbvl6 

There are a few things that Jones neglects to show us with his highly selective video:

–    That the area where Jones sees “squibs” was already badly damaged and open to the elements. Smoke, loose debris, and window and façade panels may all show movement in that area during collapse:

comparison courtesy debunking911.com 

–    That absolutely no explosive blasts are coming out of the building as Jones claims.
–    That the “squibs” somehow stick to the side of the building.
–    That the “squibs” appear 10 seconds after the collapse of the east penthouse began.
–    That a huge smoke cloud is coming from WTC 7’s south and east sides and blowing southeast.
–    That windows and granite panels are cracking all over the building. Remember this quote from above: “As we were walking, we had to actually get a little closer to Seven. So we turned and looked at Seven, and that's when all the marble siding started popping off the side because it was starting to go down.”  –Firefighter Thomas Donato
–    That the entire roof of the building has already fallen due to loss of support from below – first the east penthouse, then the center, then the west, just prior to global collapse. So much for the floors not moving “relative to one another.”

I’d love to hear Jones explain why he thinks the crack WTC 7 demolition team chose to plant a few “charges” in the southwest corner of the building...at the top.

In Jones’ presentations to live audiences, he actually uses the Southwark Towers demolition video linked above, which shows huge, high-velocity jets of debris shooting out before the buildings collapse. WTC 7 looks nothing like that. What does Jones omit from that video? The audio, of course.  

One thing I’ll give Steven Jones credit for: an elegant demonstration of the conspiracist  modus operandi: 

  • Download a single poor-quality video of an event.
  • Crop and enlarge it.
  • Completely misinterpret it and ignore all evidence that’s contrary to your claims.
  • Declare your observations “compelling” and “science-based.”
  • Have your “work” cited by numerous “truth-based” organizations.
  • Start a club for the dissemination of your wisdom.
  • Start a website "journal" for the publication of your findings. Declare that your papers are "peer reviewed" without submitting them for peer review.
"Compelling" evidence? For a scientist, Jones is amazingly easily compelled.