Some reviews of my talk at The Amazing Meeting 5.5
Thanks, everyone! I had a blast!

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The speakers were fantastic.  Besides Rebecca’s inspiring and informative presentation about how she became a public radio show winner, my favorite was Mark Roberts’ speech about the 911 Truth Movement, which I think is a very important and relevant topic.  He was not only knowledgeable and thorough, but also upbeat and entertaining.

Rebecca Watson, the Skepchick For the past two years, Mark has tirelessly fought the conspiracy theorists who believe the World Trade Center was destroyed by the American government. His ability to handle that insanity is nearly supernatural. I think a lot of people (myself included) were expecting a very sober overview of what really happened on September 11, but we got a wonderfully funny and interactive presentation that illustrated some of the most common crazy accusations made by the “Truth Movement.” It was probably my favorite of the day, if I had to choose.

The Blue Collar Scientist (Jeff Medkeff. RIP, August 3, 2008)
Mark Roberts then gave one of the best presentations of the weekend, about 9/11 conspiracy theorists. I simply don’t have much to say about this - as Mark pointed out, some these people have strong political and financial agendas, and their allegations don’t pass even the most simple of ‘bullshit’ tests.

Mark Roberts rocks!

Dr. Martin Rundqvist, Aardvarchaeology (photos)
The quality of the day's talks was very high indeed. My favourites were Mark Roberts and Robert Lancaster who had interesting things to say and did so with great rhetorical skill.

Mark Roberts is a tour guide in New York. He gave a wonderful presentation about the conspiracy theories surrounding the attacks on September 11 2001. It is a controversial topic, and he is extremely hated among 9/11 Truthers for his assiduous debunking. Periodically an audience member rises and reads angry replies (which Roberts prepared) from people online who think that Roberts should be executed, compare him with Hitler, etc. 
I ask Roberts what is the force behind the 9/11 Truth Movement, and he explains that many members are anti-government Libertarians who believe the government is conspiring against them, and people who dislike President Bush II and would like to see him judged to be guilty of the attacks. Roberts himself is anything but a Bush supporter. –Martin Rundqvist, reporting for Sweden's Vetenskap och Folkbildning

Pharyngula commenter
TAM 5.5 was wonderful. Finally got to meet Randi and thank him for his work. I specially enjoyed the talks by Mark Roberts, 911 conspiracy theory debunker, and Robert Lancaster.

Elaine, Denver Skeptics
And to finally meet Kelly, a personal hero of mine. And to catch up with Robert Lancaster and Rebecca... And to develop two new crushes...Mark Roberts and Micheal Stackpole (yes, Hal knows).
And lest we forget...GREAT JOB emceeing, Phil!!!!!

The talks were about activism. These weren't given by the more well known skeptics and scientists and magicians in the field. They were given by regular folks, who for one reason or another, were motivated to do something about those who prey on the more vulnerable and the hopeful among us; Sylvia Brownes, Kaz deMilles, other psychics, ghost busters. Those who either intentionally or not, spread misinformation, like the conspiracy theorists. The talks were given by those who just love critical thinking and explore how to utilize it in all areas of our lives, and how to communicate skepticism to others.

"Alric" Other excellent talks included Mark Roberts who debunks 9/11 myths and Robert Lancaster who debunks psychics that prey on families with lost children.