Some links to studies and examples of the behavior of structural steel in fires

and reports recommending ways to improve structural fire safety.

Unprotected steel fails in Madrid's Windsor Building fire, concrete core stands. Go
Three multistory steel-framed factory buildings quickly collapse due to fire Go
Unprotected steel truss roof quickly fails in fire at McCormick Place, Chicago Go
Fire damage to protected steel in One Meridian Plaza, Philadelphia Go
Noises in steel buildings during fire equals danger! Go
NIST: Fire Protection of Structural Steel in High-Rise buildings (white paper) Go
Underwriters Labs post-9/11 WTC fire testing, ASTM E119 standard Go
The discipline of structural fire protection after 9/11 Go
Performance of unprotected steel and composite steel frames exposed to fire (Master's Thesis) Go
Effect of Support Conditions on Steel Beams Exposed of Fire (Master's Thesis) Go
Fire safety engineering forum (numerous papers) Go
Eurocode: Introduction to Structural Fire Engineering (Powerpoint presentation) Go
Determination of fire induced collapse mechanisms of multi-story steel framed structures Go
Some interesting thoughts on WTC fire protection, steel vs. concrete, redundancy, new materials Go
Restrained fire resistance ratings in structural steel buildings Go
Fire Protection Engineering: The future of fire simulation at NIST Go
NIST early WTC fire simulation experiments and photos Go
(Posted again) NIST WTC 7 Interim Report June, 2004 Go
FEMA Report 403, Appendix C: Limited Metallurgical Examination of WTC Steel Go
NIST best practices for reducing the potential for progressive collapse in buildings (draft) Go
NYC Dept. of Buildings WTC Task Force recommendations report Go
NIST NCSTAR1-1C Maintenance and Modifications to WTC 1, 2 &7 Structural Systems Go
Silverstein & Insurers commissioned own WTC failure studies Go
Scientific American: New Thinking to Make Skyscrapers Safer Go
Manuel Garcia Jr.: The Thermodynamics of 9/11 Go
Chris Marrion of ARUP USA Go

Links to several fire studies from Peter, an architect with experience in designing high-rises

Publications of the University of Sheffield Fire Engineering Research Program Go
The behavior of lightweight composite floor trusses in fire Go
Arup Fire on Tall Buildings and the Events of 9/11 Go
Determination of Fire Induced Collapse Mechanisms of Multi-Storey Steel Framed Structures Go

Book: Why Buildings Fall Down (great for the layman)
Publications of the Fire Safety Association