Paranoid Creeps Who, Either Because They are Off Their Meds or Because They are Incompetent Intellectual Cowards Who Cannot Defend Their Claims with the Slightest Shred of Evidence or Logic, Resort to Masturbatory Fantasies About the Execution of Mark Roberts

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"If you are not aware that you're covering up for that traitor and mass murderer and yes insurance fraudster Silverstein, you'll figure it out when you're beside him on the scaffold. I'll be saving this email as evidence for your trial."Kevin Barrett, "Scholar For 9/11 Truth" and failed Muslim

“Mark Roberts deserves to die a traitors [sic] death for trying to suppress 9/11 families from seeking the Truth.”"Pilots for Truth" founder, and ex-commercial pilot, Robert Balsamo

...And a few months later:

"Mark Roberts does deserve to die a traitors death....

I will not apologize for it this time. I will be there for his death should America fall into Civil War. That is not a threat. .that is a promise.
If he gets in my way of defending our Constitution.. it will be my pleasure to put a bullet in his head to defend our Constitution from enemies foreign or domestic.""Pilots for Truth" founder Robert Balsamo, panicking after I challenged him to a debate. (Punctuation left as is.)


A Loose Change Forum member threatens to kill me, and rather than banning him, Loose Change Forum administrator Dylan Avery tells the unstable creep where I can be found.Then, a Loose Change Forum member offers to provide the creep with a gun.

(By the way, I do involve the police when I receive death threats from these sad people.)

"When the truth comes out, that Mark Roberts twat deserves to be executed, certainly not for being a danger to the movement's progress but just for being an inherently loathesome, bile-inducing, shill TWAT! He's a dirty shill and ALL SHILLS will be covered in piss and petrol and shot when the truth comes out." – "Prole Art Threat," on the "British 9/11 Truth Campaign" forum

"Merry Kristmas Gravy you slimy treacherous shill. Sorry the present is a bit late but it's the thot wot counts." – "Ally" on the "British 9/11 Truth Campaign" forum

"When you say "talk" do you really mean "talk" or do you mean Kicking his ass and putting a gun to his head and then pulling the trigger? (I'd probably do the last)" – "e-dog," posting on the Loose Change forum

I think you're a PIECE OF FUCKING SCUM for defending the scum responsible for 9/11 and other atrocities around the world. You have some soul searching to do "The Real Mark Roberts" and, if you're not a fed, I suggest you stick around this forum so you can learn 'a thing or two about a thing or two' regarding who our real enemy is. "Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets." ~Travis Bickle –Stallion4 at

"You obviously have you head in your ass,or better yet a paycheck comming from some OTHER means. Bottom line you sold the USA out. Your kind wil eventually get what you have comming.

Beware Mark...............The TRUTH IS COMMING!" –"Wisdom," posting on

"He's betraying this country and humanity!" – Jason Bermas of Loose Change

“Like I have stated before people such as yourselves are revealed to be one of two things, government agents on a payroll or brainwashed morons who refuse to accept the truth. Have a Nice 4th of July, and remember you won't be portrayed as someone who just mindlessly let something happen in history, you will be portrayed as a Traitor to your own country!”– Jason Bermas of Loose Change

“We respond to our critics with respect."– Jason Bermas of Loose Change

Other opinions

"(Mark Roberts is) just as evil as Hitler...just as evil as Mao...just as evil as Stalin...that is no exaggeration– "28th Kingdom," on the JREF forum.

"Mark Roberts is CIA" –Dylan Avery of Loose Change MySpace Headline

"Dylan's headline saying he's CIA wouldn't surprise me. Mark Roberts seems to be a genius on all the facts." – "Ray" on the Loose Change Blog

“mark roberts is either the most ignorant gullible person in the world or an agent. and considering he's a grown man that should have a wife and kids and, you know, a hobby of some kind besides harassing us, i'm going with agent. mark roberts has nothing on this movement. he never has, and he never will, and he knows that deep inside. that's why he results to attacking our character and insinuating.” – Dylan Avery of Loose Change

"You disgust me Mark Roberts, you spineless worm. Go for it man, attack my military record, have a blast. Where's yours shithead, and what’s your REAL NAME?” – Korey Rowe of Loose Change, about whose military record I've never said a thing.

"The man was a ringer for Robert de Niro, only taller and younger. Les speculated he was his brother. He looked so much like him, you couldn't believe he could be merely a nephew or son." – "Carter," commenting on my first "debunking" appearance, at the premiere of "United 93," April, 2006.

Paranoid wacko Rick Siegel (Like Kevin Barrett, he's been invited to be on the Board of Directors of "Scholars for 9/11 Truth), creator of the conspiracy video "9/11 Eyewitness," opines on my TV debate with Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas:
"This interview is to allow you to hear the government story by a slick professional, true cointelpro, Roberts. ...Roberts, who is famous for allegedly being the agent in the beginning of the 911 Mysteries video compilation. [er, no] ...While I have no sympathy with his story at all I will applaud his performance and this man deserves his paycheck. ...Roberts admits several times that he, as he uses “we” when speaking of government held evidence, is part of the government."

"If Mark Roberts is a person, let him identify himself and provide background about himself and his many sources. If not a person, then let the group identify itself and its many sources. Until then, I urge you to pull the link, any link, unless the source can be reasonably verified as being who or what it purports to be."– "Jonb" on a Wikipedia discussion page.

"I was curious if Roberts ran this forum, I guess that he is just the David Koresh or Ron Hubbard around here." XenaWarriorPrincess

This person thinks I'm someone named Anna Jones: "Anna/Marky write only lies.... That is all they have. That is all the Bushiebot apologist/shills have"

"mark roberts why don't you debunk all the satanic symbols in the dollar bill or in the street design of washington you fucking snake oil piece of shit." –patrick cm, on 911blogger

Loose Change's original producer Phil Jayhan on me, September, 2007:
"Maybe we can set up a Pudding wresting match between you and Roberts. Naaa. On second hand, it would be a lot funnier just to toss him in a giant bowl of chocolate pudding and watch him try and eat himself out of the giant morrass of pudding..."

"Oh, you HAVE to know who Mark Roberts is. He's entirely too hate-able for you not to loathe and hate. I am not a hating person at all by nature, but I truly despise and have deep and abiding hatred for Mark Roberts (whatever his real name might turn out to be)." –Alexander "Ace" Baker

"Roberts, predictably, appears to be very well rehearsed and highly informed on every detail of every red herring the government has spewed since 9/12."

"Is Mark Roberts an MKultra wet dream?, MKultra, Mark Roberts, Mind control" (December, 2007)

"Mark Robert's is insane, he has been sent insane by unscrupulous psychiatrists who have got to work on him and exploiting him.

These psychiatrists more than likely work very closely with JREF.

I urge people on this board to ask Mark Robert's about his background and whether he has had a history, or is currently seeing such practitioners. Maybe if he is forced to consider his situation he may break out from the wicked spell he is under. A spell that has done untold damage to this movement." –prole art threat

"The guy is just a purchased flake with zero integrity. There are plenty of disreputable characters pushing the official conspiracy theory for a buck. Let's go with Occam's Razor on this one. The guy is not sick. The guy is a simple slug." –Dachsie

"I don't know if he's an MKultra victim, but he IS a piece of shit. One of the biggest pieces of shit on the planet IMO.

I can't wait until 9/11 inside job is proven in everyone's eyes. Gravy will go down in history as the guy who defending the corrupt regime who murdered 3,000 of it's own people to then go on to murder hundred's of thousands, possibly millions, abroad. The blood of all those innocent people will be on Gravy's hands too." –Killtown

"Mark Roberts is a total fucking fruitcake. I remember registering at JREF about a year ago and asking how many of those traitors had actually received psychiatric treatment in the past. Iasked this because I honestly think they are all has bent as a three dollar not on that site. And in no way was I demeaning mental illness, I was just demeaning the JREFers. Mark Roberts (Gravy) respnded with something along the lines of "Oh stop asking such questions, us lot only get together on here to pull each others legs". I personally think this was a very bizarre response.

Now, who the fuck is Mark Roberts? Which tour guide company does he or did he work for before he become a filthy agent? It wouldn't surprise me if the little loony had been MK-Ultra'd? Who else in their right mind would do what he does? He has spent all that time yelping on and on with his jet fuel theories like some little neo-con bitch and there wasn't even any planes. What a total fucking spoon he really is! :lol: How to waste your life, the Mark Robert's way! :lol:

I bet the perps are laughing like fuck at him. What a fucking lunch splutterer he truly is."prole art threat

"Pictures of Union Square Action Today, Mark Roberts Provocateur" –pegcarter

"Who Is Mark Roberts? And why is he so out to get Dylan Avery?He actually transcribed the movie word-for-word [and poorly, I might add], included screenshots, and even did a lot of his own research. But the piece comes off as if it was written by a professional 9/11 debunker, who resorts to adolescent criticisms that don't hold up." grandtheftcountry, commenting on my "poor" transcription of Loose Change, which was copied and pasted without changes from Loose Change's website.

"You made me spend 5 minutes OF MY TIME on this ridiculously stupid DISINFORMATION document which is clearly written by a DISINFORMATION TERRORIST" –xiando (bolding his) 

"How does a tour guide know so much 9/11?" –JakePelka, on YouTube

"Mark Roberts is a CIA CoIntelPro agent and a paid liar. A good one at that!" –WarCrime911

"you cant debunk the people in the basement who were blown up..." –occision, on YouTube

"Mark Roberts, I think you''re full of s**t. There were no bodies or plane" –buildinginspector, on YouTube

"But it's not his fault, the mole is controlling him" –Anonymous, on Googlevideo 

"How does a tour guide know so much? I smell fish." –"MarkR" on Googlevideo

"The idiot host and his grotesque sidekick are beneath contempt." –Wideawake

"Poor deluded fools all. Microwave weapons has been a reality for years and they even have one mounted on an airplane today, now, like as in.. it is a matter of fact. Second point. Judy Wood proves the laughable official fairytale "pancake" crap to be no less than extremely impossible. The problem here is YOU are willfully ignorant even about the contents of a 6th grader physics book friend. You have been brainwashed or are indeed an idiot." –Whipper Snapper 


I'm curious as to what the truth movement's collective assessment is on Gravy's relevance to the events of that day. It's obvious that they see him as a heavy hitter in this little game "truth" vs. reality. His name comes up as much as Cheney's or Bush's or Condi's or any of the other alleged perps of this heinous act.

I only ask because I find it hard to believe he rose to this prestige by posting on an internet forum, and going to Ground Zero on a regular basis. Other than being one of the most persistent debunkers out there, I see no reason why the truth movement would spend so much time trying to figure him out.
Oh wait... Forgot.

You guys really ARE that paranoid.

Well in that case, Gravy is Gravy's handler. Gravy is everywhere. Gravy is the NWO. Gravy farts chemtrails. Gravy shoots holographic planes from his eyes. You cannot escape Gravy. Gravy can plant explosives simply by crossing his forearms and sharply nodding his head. He will get you. It is only a matter of time.– chaddyt, in the thread "Who is gravys handler" on the Screw Loose Change Forum


More from the Loose Change Forum, February 20, 2007

j911ob: "He looks very hard though. Im guessing ex military, maybe ex special forces...."

look-up: "well there's the fact that I think Arrowhead pointed out in another thread that the name "MARK ROBERTS" might be an alias from a movie with a spy of the same name... hey arrow what film was it again?"

Arrowhead: "Mark Roberts was the name of the black villain/hero and special ops agent in the movie US Marshalls. Saw it the other night, and our friendly neighborhood "gravy" immediately came to mind."

Beached: "I'm undecided as to whether Gravy is just another asinine fool with emotional problems, or if he is a self-centered simpleton who cannot accept an explanation that violates the emotional blanket afforded to him by the government propaganda. For some reason he feels that to investigate a tragedy, and question flawed government reports is "disrespectful" to the victims. It's clearly a contradiction in terms. Still, a thorough background check on Gravy is recommended. Looking at him, I somehow doubt his real name is Roberts!"

e-dog: "Special forces? Do you mean Special like retarded or do you really mean the Military SF...
BTW- That guy doesn't look very stable to me.. I'd hate to be alone in a room with him after bush declares Martial Law and makes him a Camp Commander... :ph43r:"

Quest, Loose Change forum administrator: "I can virtually guarentee that Gravy is some type of COINTELPRO operative. He is WAY to involved in this for someone that is actually a private citizen acting on his own accord and needs to feed a family or keep a roof over his head. Plus, he follows the pattern typical of fake skeptics that when presented with some form of truth it has no bearing on his thought process or opinion. It just doesn't matter. Mark Roberts, aka, "Gravy" is a sleazebag coverup artist for a genocidal maniac. Sorry folks, there is no polite way to put it."

Tony Szamboti ("realcddeal"), Mechanical Engineer and "peer reviewer"/contributor to Steven Jones' Journal of 9/11 Studies, goes batpoo paranoid and demands to know if I'm a "dual citizen."

You never answered my question as to whether you are a dual citizen or not. You can put that in your Stundies if you want but the question needs to be asked and you need to answer it.

Many people would also like to know your background. Care to tell us. Source

This brings up the question as to who your customer really is.  Source

It has nothing to do with whether you are jewish or not. I would like to know where your allegiances are. I answered this question here and you should also.

What is your background Mark? If you want to have credibility you need to tell us.  Source

Motivations due to where your allegiances lie could be an issue. You could have what could be construed as a conflict of interest.

I wonder how many people here know your what your resume says. Source

Personal background like friendships, business dealings, citizenship, and resumes do matter when it comes to discerning what a person's potential motivations might be. You are simply wrong.  Source

By the way, I am only a citizen of the United States of America. Can you make that claim? It sounds like you can't and I wanted everyone to know that, for whatever it is worth in their evaluation of you and your potential motivations. Source

Mark, it seems the thread on gangups on this forum was deleted this afternoon. You know the one from this morning where you didn't deny being a dual citizen. I wonder why it was deleted. Source

I would like to know how a dual citizen has the audacity to act like such a smart ass to sole American citizens who are simply asking questions, of their sole government, about those events when things don't seem to add up. 

So you aren't denying your dual citizenship are you? Source

"A very serious matter"
Morons Decide that I'm a Freemason and Occult Practitioner

(Excerpts from a Loose Change Forum thread that was deleted, January, 2007)

Arrowhead: Also bear in mind that Mark Roberts is a Mason.

Quest, Loose Change Forum Administrator: Arrowhead, Gravy is a Mason? Do you have a link?

Roxdog: BWhahhahhhaaa...really? :lol:

Quest, Loose Change Forum Administrator: What do we know about Gravy? Did he ever work for the military or government?

Roxdog: I saw it mentioned yesterday and just want to know if it is indeed true. I kept waiting for him to deny it and laugh it off but it never happened. Anyone know?

Quest, Loose Change Forum Administrator: I'd be interested in hearing more about this as well. Makes me wonder what Gravy makes of grown men dancing around in butterfly costumes at Bohemian Grove.

Chrisfarb: Don't know. He is an admitted occulter though.

Arrowhead: If he is a Mason, which I'm pretty sure he is, then that's potentially significant.

Quest, Loose Change Forum Administrator: As long as we don't claim "Gravy is doing his "skeptic thing" because he's a Freemason (if indeed he is) it could be a good idea to remember he's is part of an "organization" that has a questionable, if not racist and violent history. Google freemason and racist or racism and see what you get. I say he is cointelpro all the way.

Chrisfarb: This is a very serious matter that should not be taken lightly.

That One Dood: Occultic and a Mason, that would explain a lot, if it's true. They don't even need to hide it anymore, it's disgusting. "The founding document of COINTELPRO directed FBI agents to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize" the activities of movements and their leaders."

Dylan Avery: guys, can't we discuss something a little more productive?

Quest, Loose Change Forum Administrator: Hey Dylan, It is possible that it's relevant as long as it doesn't get personal. After all, this is how this stuff works, secret societies, networking and all. I was curious to see how it plays out.

Quest, Loose Change Forum Administrator: I repeat, the way to fight the JREFers and other so-called 'skeptics' is to point out the secret societies, networking connections, corparate cronyism and CIA drug running coupled with 9/11 truth. That way, whenever JREF newbies, if ever they get any, will see what many people don't know; a completely broken and corrupt government. When displayed along with 9/11 information, you have a presentation that's hard to deny. Good job gentleman and ladies!

Quest, Loose Change Forum Administrator: Gravy, If you won't speak of Freemasonry, will you at least comment on Bohemian Grove and adult men dressed up in butterfly costumes dancing in front of an adult male audience? Even more strange is there are also no non-whites nor females in attendance. Will you please comment on the Cremation Of Care Ceremony? Does this type of behavior by our "leaders" not concern you? Please comment.

The Decider: hes a total shill, and probably is a mason....i just dont know why he wont admit it, isnt it just a harmless group of guys? freemason symols on money, freemasons running the country, freemasons designing the money and running the federal reserve..... just a group of conspiracy there..

Yes but he's probably got a huge smile on his face while every speculates if he's a freemason, which he more than likly isnt, it was probably put out by someone from the JEFER forum to make us all look paranoid, a;though i would like to know what his motives are, i won;t loose sleep over it.

More moronic Masonic talk

"Mark Roberts is a Mason. Not that that explains entirely his motivations, but to me, it appears to show that part of where he's coming from, is to win brownie points from the PTB structure fostered by Freemasonry, by serving them to help guard the Big Lie of 9/11. They probably throw him a cash bone every now and again to keep him going."–Robert Rice on

"Suppossedly, Roberts is also a Freemason. I know of a few oithem and they do indeed seem to suffer from mental problems." The Quest 

"Mark Roberts is a freemason. FACT!" –albertstenton, on YouTube

"hey Mark, i was just wondering, are you a mason? someone here said you were after you shilled here the other day."
Chris, on 911blogger

"You're a master mason, whatever degree that is. Saw it corrorborated on a listing somewhere.

You're obviously hoping to score some brownie points with "the system" by working to serve to guard the Big Lie. What a disgrace, and what a disgrace the 33rd degree of Freemasonry is, and that Albert Pike who wrote it.

You should be ashamed."
  Anonymous, on 911blogger