We’ve seen how some prominent 9/11 “Truthers” deliberately change Silverstein’s quote. Now let’s see if the rank-and-file of the “Truth Movement” does any better.

Before I went to Ground Zero on 9/11 this year (2006), I printed out Silverstein’s “pull it” statement from a conspiracist website. I know it by heart, but I thought the printout would come in handy. It wasn’t long before I heard a gentleman telling several camera crews about how Larry Silverstein ordered his building to be demolished. “I even know the quote verbatim,” he said, as I pulled out my printout in anticipation of him getting it wrong.

Sure enough, when he got to “they made that decision to pull,” he said “I made that decision to pull,” meaning Silverstein. I corrected him. He disagreed, so I asked him to read the quote.

When he got to “they made that decision...” he said “we made that decision.” He said “we” while reading the quote I had given him. So we went through another round of corrections. 

That encounter was the first of four times on 9/11/06 when a conspiracist at Ground Zero wrongly said “I” or “we” instead of “they” while reading the statement I had provided. All of these encounters were captured on videotape, but I believe that most of the camerapeople were in the conspiracist camp, so I don’t know if those tapes will ever be aired. 

Later in the day I had another encounter during which I asked a woman to read the quote, but first I told her what had happened the previous four times. She got the “they” right, but then said, “What difference does it make if Silverstein made the decision or if the Fire Department made it? She didn’t take my explanation well.

That’s the “Truth Movement” at Ground Zero on 9/11/06.

The author teaching remedial reading class at Ground Zero