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The Unique World of Anders Bjorkman (Heiwa)

February, 2009:
Richard Gage's Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth out-does itself:

We've seen the staggeringly ignorant and outright bizarre nonsense spewed by Gage and the "experts" whose opinions he promotes. Is Björkman's promotion by AE911Truth another fallacious appeal to authority, or has he done some sensible analysis of the events of 9/11? Bjorkman posts as "Heiwa" on the JREF forum:

Björkman claims that no planes hit the Twin Towers or the Pentagon or crashed near Shanksville, which makes him a rarity even among the most delusional "truthers": a quadruple no-planer.

Björkman claims that all evidence of the aircraft impacts is fake and all witness accounts are invalid. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

Björkman claims that if 30 stories of one of the Twin Towers was dropped on the lower 80 stories from a height of two miles, it would bounce off without damaging the lower portion. And again.

Björkman says a Tower wouldn't be destroyed if a 60-million-pound block of ice was dropped on it, then denies making that claim.

Björkman claims that all photo and video evidence showing severe fires and structural failure in the WTC buildings is fake. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

Björkman claims that WTC 7 was demolished by a vacuum.

Björkman believes that the authors of the NIST WTC reports don't exist.

Björkman believes that steel structures are indestructible, even by nuclear weapons. And again. And again.

However, Björkman also believes that 16,500-22,000 lbs of high explosives may have been used to demolish each Twin Tower...with no detectable detonations.

Björkman is an engineer who believes that weight = mass. No, really.

Björkman believes his house would survive an asteroid impact.

Björkman again attempts to revise the laws of physics.

Björkman says a bathroom scale will register the same weight whether you stand on it or jump on it.
Björkman says the Twin Tower fires were "minor office fires."

Björkman makes the egregiously false claim that the FDNY said it could handle the fires in the Towers.

Björkman believes that columns become stronger when their supports are removed.

Björkman believes that the structures of the Twin Towers were comparable to cheese, pizza boxes, match boxes, rubber balls, sponges, a bicycle running into a wall, a child jumping on a bed, a tower of sushi, and a tower of lemons.

Björkman has been nominated for the JREF forum "Stundie," an award for the looniest conspiracist statement of the month, far more times than anyone, and has been voted the "winner" several times. His avoidance of mountains of facts and expertise, his complete ignorance of the most basic engineering concepts, and his insistence that special laws of physics apply in his world, are perhaps surpassed only by the inimitable Judy "Star Wars Beams" Wood. Read about the errors he makes in his website paper here.