February, 2009. Hi there. I've only spent a few hours updating this site since early 2008, and won't be updating it in the future unless big news arises. I have several hundred links that I could add to the several thousand here, but enough is enough. The 9/11 "truth" movement has dried up and blown away, having achieved none of its stated objectives or even bothering to get a single significant claim correct. See the "What's New" section below to get an idea of the type of people who still cling to kooky 9/11 delusions.

However, let's remember that 9/11 won't be the last major internet-age event about which people with agendas – whether they be government spokesmen or basement-dwelling crackpots – aggressively spread falsehoods. Unfortunately, falsehoods about the 9/11 attacks have their strongest foothold in Muslim countries (see poll results below), where this website has no effect.
-Mark Roberts


February, 2011. In response to numerous requests, my 47-minute video "World Trade Center Not a Demolition" is online again, generously hosted by Mike Williams of 911myths.com Mike has also posted a smaller version of the video for people with slow connections.

Links for 9/11 Research
Compiled by, and including original research and analysis from, Mark Roberts.  Email: nyctours(at)gmail(dot)com

"The Obi-wan Kenobi of debunkers" Stephen Lemons, Phoenix New Times

"The Yoda of 9/11 reality...If this site is not to your liking, then you have melded with the ju-ju, and are beyond the enticements of reason.".–Physicist Manuel Garcia Jr.

The "most effective" opposition to the 9/11 truth movement–2007 truth movement poll

"He's betraying this country and humanity!"
–Jason Bermas of Loose Change

"An absolute demon."Alex Jones, alt-media personality

New to these issues and need basic information about 9/11 conspiracy claims?-Click here

Featured paper: "What Did and Did not Cause Collapse of WTC Twin Towers in New York"
Bazant, Le, Greening & Benson. Journal of Engineering Mechanics ASCE, Vol. 134 (2008). Refutation of controlled demolition theory. Discusses matching of video record with progressive collapse equations, "free-fall" claims, concrete crushing (and how much TNT equivalent would be needed to do that crushing), air pressure & ejection of air, spread of dust cloud.

Featured paper:."On Debunking 9/11 Debunking." NASA scientist Ryan Mackey's comprehensive critique of David Ray Griffin's claims about the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings. Essential reading for conspiracists, skeptics, and anyone who wants to know how incompetent, dishonest, and wrong even the "best" of the 9/11 conspiracists are. 306 pages. Extensively updated May, 2008.--PDF or doc file.

Featured video: Clear, concise refutation of David Chandler's WTC 7 "freefall" claims, by "alienentity." Part 1. Part 2.  See also his video "WTC7 Collapse." "That's just the way it is."

Featured poll: A poll written by a truther and sent only to truthers. Very interesting! The JREF forum and I were voted to be the most effective opposition to the truth movement. 2007 Truth Movement Poll

What's New?

November, 2009: Ryan Mackey meets mechanical engineer Tony Szamboti (aka realcddeal) on Hardfire. Show 1. Show 2. Show 3.

March, 2009:
NASA/JPL scientist Ryan Mackey has taped three Hardfire shows with Ron Wieck, about the physics of 9/11. The first and second shows are up, and I've got the full PowerPoint presentation here. Now here's show 3.

February, 2009: Richard Gage's Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth out-does itself:

We've seen the staggeringly ignorant and outright bizarre nonsense spewed by Gage and the "experts" whose opinions he promotes. Is Björkman's promotion by AE911Truth another fallacious appeal to authority? Has Bjorkman done some sensible analysis of the events of 9/11, or is he one of the most flagrant crackpots in the entire "truth" movement? Judge for yourself with the help of this summary of his opinions. (Bjorkman posts as "Heiwa" on the JREF forum.)

February, 2009: Truther competence at its finest. A guy who who runs a blog titled "Debunking the Debunkers" trumpets that he's debated me, publishes the debate, and spreads it around the internet. The problem? He wasn't debating me or anyone who claimed to be me. I guess the question "Are you Mark Roberts?" never occurred to this person, who bills himself as an "investigative journalist."

January, 2009: As promised, many of the 9/11 Commission investigation records have been made public. There is a wealth of material online, with more to come. Contrary to William Rodriguez' repeated claims that his June, 2004 interview with Commission staffers was covered up, the staffers' notes of that interview are now public. Mike Williams of 911myths.com has obtained, scanned, and made available those notes here and here (pdfs). Rodriguez has said that his story hasn't changed since day one, yet in this interview, as with his statement to NIST, he makes no mention of suspicions of bombs in the basement, of suspicions that the attacks were a U.S. government "inside job" that was covered-up, or that his accounts were ever censored by the media. See my thorough examination of these claims here.

September, 2008: I turned down all interview requests around Sept. 11 this year, including from popular TV shows in New York, Toronto, and London. However, I was honored to be interviewed on video, along with psychology professor Dr. Mark Henn, by Kylie Sturgess, winner of the 2007 Australian Skeptics Prize for Critical Thinking. This was for the inaugural edition of The Skeptic Zone, which is now Australia's most popular podcast for social sciences. Kylie had questions prepared, but Mark and I started chatting, and she decided that was interesting and entertaining enough to record as is. I hope you agree! (The show is titled "9/11 Truthers Debunked," but it is a post-mortem of the "truth" movement and not an examination of specific claims.)

August, 2008: NIST's draft report on the collapse of WTC 7 has been released for public comment. Click here to download the full report in pdf form. NIST's press release and other material on the report can be found here. Video of NIST press briefing about the release. 6 Debunked Conspiracy Claims from Today's NIST (WTC 7) Report.

July, 2008: The BBC TV program I'm in briefly, "The Conspiracy Files–9/11–The Third Tower" is an
outstanding examination of why the WTC 7 conspiracy theories are nonsense.

July, 2008: The two Hardfire shows with myself and Richard Gage, head of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, are now online. The host is 9/11 conspiracy believer John Clifton. Here's some info on the shenanigans they pulled to try to get the upper hand before and during the shows. Or, save time and just go to this point in the second show when Gage "jumps the shark" and displays his staggering ignorance of structures and engineering for all to see. Funny how Gage didn't promote these shows before or after they aired!

Thanks, Richard, and good night, "truth" movement!

Hardfire producer Gary Popkin sent an email to myself, John Clifton, and Richard Gage, saying that the north tower collapse does look very impressive from the truther point of view: that the top seems to be disintegrating and perhaps loses a lot of mass over the side. I sent this email to those three men in response. It covers that and several other points, and is a good place to start for people who wish to examine Gage's claims on the shows. I'll have a few pages here devoted to more of his nonsense shortly.

My correspondence with Richard Greene of Air America, concerning his shows featuring some of the most severely disturbed and delusional truthers.

January, 2008: Below: addressing the absurdities of physicist Steven Jones at The Amazing Meeting 5.5. Some reviews of my talk.––Photo: Scott Hurst.

Some papers, videos, and appearances by me:WTC 7 and the Lies of the 9/11 Truth Movement; William Rodriguez: Escape Artist; An Open Letter to FDNY's John Schroeder; Loose Change Creators Speak; Loose Change 2nd Edition Viewer Guide; The Truth About the 9/11 Truth Movement; "Hardfire" debates; World Trade Center Not a Demolition; The Ground Zeros, and more.

These links will take you to sites that I've found useful for examining 9/11 conspiracy issues. Several of them take you to pages that are "mini sites" of mine. Where the "JREF" is mentioned, it usually refers to posts by members of the forums of the James Randi Educational Foundation. Those posts reflect the opinions of their authors only. The most-viewed links are bolded.

Did eyewitnesses report hearing or seeing bombs and demolitions explosives in and around the towers?.
Includes analysis of the "118 Witnesses" paper and other conspiracist claims and methods.

Inside the Towers: Summary of Witness Accounts: Reports of jet fuel/kerosene, fireballs, damage to elevators & shafts, injuries in and near elevators, fallen elevators, fires, damage below impact zones.

Accounts of structural instability in the Twin Towers, Bowing of columns, Collapse expected

WTC Seismic Reports, Protec paper, Controlled demo info, 1993 bombing, Other skyscraper fires

A partial (but long) list of agencies, organizations, and experts responding to and investigating the 9/11 attacks.You know: the ones the conspiracists say are liars, dupes, and shills.

Ground Zero cleanup, Fires in piles, Molten metals, Fresh Kills operations, Steel ID & scrap issues

What They Saw: Eyewitness Accounts of the NYC Aircraft Attacks

Photos & Accounts of 9/11 Aircraft Parts, Personal Effects, and Documents in NYC

WTC Construction, Plans & Elevations, Power, Security, Statistics, Pre-9/11 photos, Tenants

WTC Insurance Issues before and after 9/11, Terrorism Insurance

Rebuilding the World Trade Center Site and Environs

9/11 Photo & Video Resources

Miscellany – A few links that don't fit neatly elsewhere: info about some conspiracists and debunkers, polls, false alarms on 9/11, PNAC closed, $2.3 trillion "missing," Marvin Bush, WTC "power down," Bush and the pet goat; other conspiracy theories often raised by 9/11 conspiracists– Gulf of Tonkin, JFK assassination, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City bombing.

Notable 9/11 Conspiracy Debunking Websites

911myths.com– The best all-around site on the internet for examination of 9/11 conspiracist claims

Popular Mechanics "Debunking the Myths" magazine cover story March, 2005
Some critics claim that we "cherry-picked" sources who would be favorable to our "agenda." The fact is, for each question we studied, we simply approached the top experts in that particular field. The irony is that we were unable to find anyone with any degree of authority, in the public or private sector—first responders or university professors, engineers or flight instructors—who agreed with the claims made by 9/11 conspiracy theorists.
New Popular Mechanics 9/11 Article: 9/11 Myths FAQs

Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories and Controlled Demolition– Highly recommended, focus on WTC.

The conspiracy theories forum at the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF)Join the JREF Forum

Screw Loose Change Blog (Excellent: covers all 9/11 conspiracy theories)

Ref's 9/11 Guide, with Andrew Burfield/s critique of David Ray Griffin's 115 points

Debunk 9/11 Myths: Outstanding research

Conspiracies R Not Us blog: Funny, cutting, and accurate.

9/11 Mysteries Guide: A controlled demolition of the error-riddled video
911 Debunker: focuses mainly on facts about the Pentagon attack and Flight 93 (Shanksville)
Internet Detectives: Loose Change: a claim-by-claim debunking, organized by topic
Jay's Blog: Includes an excellent searchable database of WTC first responder testimony.
Good Science and 9/11 Demolition Theories
What I Learned from 9-11 Conspiracy Theories
9/11, Steven Jones, and Me (4 parts)
10 Characteristics of Conspiracy Theorists
Nutty 9/11 PhysicsGo
The Greatest Fiascos of the 9/11 "Truth" Movement

Non-English-Language Debunking Websites

Italian: Undici Settembre: Paolo Attivissimo's blog of excellent 9/11 research. Many articles in English.
Italian: 11 Settembre: Superb blog by Henry62
French: http://www.bastison.net/ New, February, 2009. Assembled by a civil engineer and professor.
French: L'Effroyable imposture de Thierry Meyssan
Spanish: 11-S: Análisis Crítico – Hechos y leyendas sobre el atentado que cambió el mundo.
German: Mosaik 9/11
German: Infokrieg.tv – Lügen für die 'Wahrheit'
German: 9/11 – Keine Verschwörung am 11. September
Dutch: Zapburu – Complot Denkers. With links to conspiracist and non-conspiracist sites
Portuguese: Projeto Ockham

Some 9/11 Conspiracy Debunkings on Video
See also.Online Papers and Videos by Me

The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction (History Channel, 2007) – This incisive documentary analyzes the extreme, yet persistent, theories that cloud the memory of our national tragedy. 90 minutes.

9/11: The Conspiracy Files (BBC, 2007)

Penn & Teller on 9/11 Conspiracies.Penn & Teller are known primarily as comic illusionists, and there is much that's disturbingly funny in this video, but their comments are dead serious and absolutely accurate. A must-see. Excerpt:
Penn: "Nobody can convince me?" Bells should go off in your head when you hear those words. That's his bullshit idea of skepticism. A real skeptic demands to be convinced – with evidence. We should be skeptical of our government, but we shouldn't just make shit up."
Screw '9/11 Mysteries'" – A detailed critique of that video. GoogleVideo or bittorrent

RKOwens4 has 33 short videos on Youtube that debunk various 9/11 conspiracy myths. Recommended!

Clear, concise refutation of David Chandler's WTC 7 "freefall" claims, by "alienentity."

9/11 Deniers Speak – Ground Zero Edition by Mark Iradian

Mike Wilson's 9/11Pentagon Flight 77 Case Study: meticulous 3D animation recreation

The Usual Suspects: Bin Laden & Hijacker video confessions

JREF/SLC forum member CHF confronts the "truth" at Ground Zero, August, 2007

Hardfire TV Program: Ron Wieck debates Les Jamieson of "NY 911 Truth"Part 1 Part 2

It's "common sense," say the conspiracists, who distrust experts. "Believe your own eyes."

Truthers at Ground Zero try to explain "official" story, and fail miserably.

Undesired Walrus: Debunking the lies of Loose Change with eyewitness quotes.

Some Recommended Books about 9/11 and its Aftermath
(More books are listed at the categorized pages linked above)

Tragedy and Heroism: September 11, 2001 at the Pentagon

Firefight: Inside the Battle to Save the Pentagon on 9/11 (2008)

Touching History: The Untold Story of the Drama That Unfolded in the Skies Over America on 9/11

Among the Heroes (Flight 93)

Notable Editorials and Articles about the 9/11 "Truth Movement"

Items previously featured at the top of this site

Featured site:-Confessions of an Ex-Truther: "The ranting and raving of someone who wasted a year of his life being sucked into the lies, distortions, and misrepresentations of the 9/11 Truth Movement."

Featured quote:I think the 9/11 Truth Movement as we knew it in 2006 and 2007 is dead” –Justin Martell, founder, Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Reported in Reason magazine, Sept. 3, 2008

Featured audio: Selfless hero John Feal, who has appeared with "truthers" at fundraisers for 9/11 responders, answers questions about that: "I am not a truther. I do not believe in the truth movement."