Ground Zero: The Other Buildings

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FEMA 403 Building Performance Report chapter 6: Bankers Trust Building (Deutsche Bank/130 Liberty)
FEMA 403 Building Performance Report Chapter 7: peripheral buiidings
Excellent article and graphic:Wounded Buildings Offer Survival Lessons– 90 West St. & others, comparison to WTC 7, fireproofing issues.

Historic Buildings in the WTC vicinity: Inside & outside the security zone
City of NY Damage report Good 3-D graphics
Lower Manhattan Emergency Preservation Fund
First Inspections Show Most Buildings Are Structurally Sound ($ NYT Sept 14, 2001)
Engineers Say Buildings Near Trade Center Held Up Well ($ NYT Sept. 20, 2001)

Focus Of Recovery Shifts To 45 Damaged Buildings Near Ground Zero ($ NYT, Feb 12, 2002)
Focus of recovery at site of collapsed World Trade Center moves outward five months after terrorist attack to ring of battered skyscrapers and other buildings that once held 10 million square feet of floor space, or slightly more than twin towers; September 11 avalanche of flaming steel, shattered concrete and other debris tore through roofs, sliced giant gashes in facades, ignited fires and set loose underground floods; wounded buildings include two landmarks, one key communications center and part of City University of New York; buildings' future is essential to downtown's revival, to city's tax base and to historical and architectural fabric of Lower Manhattan but is by no means certain; owners and city planners are wrestling with choices that could take years to execute and hundreds of millions of dollars to finance; while owners of two largest buildings are committed to returning, dire uncertainty cloaks future of at least two of others; damage to buildings, nearly lost in shadow of trade center, is as hellish as it has been unrecognized.

130 Liberty St. Deutsche Bank Damage

"Fungus Infestation Threatens A Building Still Standing At Ground Zero" (New York Daily News, May 8, 2002) A 40-story skyscraper at the edge of Ground Zero withstood the terrorist attacks -- but could be demolished because of a gross infestation of foul mold. While engineers have deemed the heavily damaged tower as stable, the outgrowth of fungus has spread such that Deutsche Bank, which owns the building, could end up knocking down the building.
Damage to 130 Liberty St. (Deutsche Bank/Bankers Trust Bldg.) Environmental Report
Bank's Razing At 9/11 Site Will Be Soon, Officials Say ($ NYT Feb 10, 2007)
Controversy over demolition of 130 Liberty

Deutsche Bank (130 Liberty) fire August, 2008: two firefighters killed

The Long Fall of 130 Liberty Street

Victims' Remains Found Near Ground Zero (Other buildings. $ NYT June 8, 2002) See also 9/11 Forensics and Victim Identification

Maria Ramirez: Died at 90 West St. ($ NYT 9/11/06) See also 9/11 Victim Aid, Stories, Statistics, Tributes, Memorials

Shyam Sunder Testimony: Storage of Diesel Fuel at 60 Hudson St. November, 2006

Field Observations of Lower Manhattan in the Aftermath of the World Trade Center Disaster: September 30, 2001

Elevator mechanic in WTC 6 when NT hit: went on roof