Did WTC 7 fall into a “tidy pile” in its own footprint?

What about the claim that only a controlled demolition could cause building 7 to fall into such a “tidy” pile? This comes up often, and it’s wrong in several ways. First, it’s wrong to say that this claim describes a “con-trolled demolition.” That’s the term CTs use, and it’s inappropriate. A true controlled demolition is done to minimize damage to surrounding structures. Next, here’s the “tidy pile” created by the collapse of WTC 7: 

WTC 7 ravaged 30 West Broadway to the north, which is being torn down in 2006 due to the damage. 

Damage to Verizon Building from WTC 7. Source: FEMA

Below: Looking east along Barclay St. from Washington St. Some street clearing had been done. 
Most of WTC 7 is at right. Note how high the debris is piled against 30 W. Broadway at left.