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January 7, 2008.

In the Fall of 2007, a poll about 9/11 activism was sent by a 9/11 truth movement member to other members, apparently as part of a school project. I had seen the poll questions posted on 911blogger, but had forgotten about it until yesterday, when I received this email from a fan:
Congratulations, Asshole!

72. Please rank these "debunkers" according to how effective their opposition to the TM has been, most effective to least

1) debunking911.com 21%
2) Popular Mechanics book & article 11%
3) JREF/Mark Roberts 30%
4) Screw Loose Change Blog 17%
5) 911myths.com 20%
6) Other: Nist FAQ, 1%

Keep up the good work! Maybe next year you'll get to be 100% asshole.
Despite my request that my correspondent forward all the results, that's the only one he or she sent. However, today I received the whole shebang from an ex-truther who had seen me post about this on the JREF forum. I'm very surprised to see how many responses were received, particularly for such a long poll sent to people who tend to be very protective of their personal information.

It's quite sad to see that the truther who sent the poll received death threats from other truthers for doing so. That movement has attracted more than its share of loons who harbor violent fantasies.

The poll has 80 questions, although apparently the write-in answers weren't included in the results. I've divided the questions among three pages (this website software hates long lists), according to the division headings in the poll:
This page – Questions 1-23: About You/You and the Internet

Questions 24-37: You and the News/Politics/World Affairs

Questions 38-80: You and the 9/11 Truth Movement

(What they believe about 9/11, what they see as helpful and harmful to their cause.)

I've bolded some of the responses that I think are particularly interesting.

Hello, everyone. You probably thought I forgot about you! I expected to have the results of this survey back to you in November, but I was swamped with completed surveys, three times more than I estimated would get. I don't know what the total return rate was, because almost 40% of the surveys I got came from people who had recieved them by forwarded emails from others, and I don't know how many of those forwarded emails there were. Anyway, thank you all for participating!

I was originally going to send the results only to the people who had completed surveys, but I think the results are interesting enough to share with everyone.

I need to say something before getting to the results. I recieved two death threats after I sent out this survey. One of them was just stupid, but the other one was very specific. That's very disturbing, because only a few people in the Truth Movement knew that I was doing this. I had to get the police involved, my parents had to get the police involved, and as it turns out it looks like it's a good thing we did. This is ongoing with the police and courts now, and it has been a huge disruption to my life. We're not talking kooky here, we're talking dangerous.

I think we all know that there are some paranoid and unstable people in the Truth Movement. Well, at least I definitely know that. Let's do what we can to distance ourselves from them, or encourage them to get help, okay? I don't want anyone else to have to go through what I did. I was going to tell you my name when I sent the results out, but I hope you'll understand why I don't want to share that now.

As for your privacy issues, I will be deleting all of your email addresses and individual survey results at the end of this month.


Surveys I sent: 545
Completed surveys recieved: 177
Received from mailing list I sent: 108 (61%)
Received from emails forwarded by others: 69 (39%)

The results:
(Percentages are of the total number of people who answered each question. Not everyone answered every question.)

About You

1. Country of residence
1) USA 91%
2) Canada 5%
3) UK and Ireland 2%
4) Other: 2% (Sweden, Australia, Germany, Finland)

2. You live in
1) A large city 73%
2) A small city 11%
3) Suburbs 10%
4) A rural area 6%

3. Age Group
1) Under 18 8%
2) 18-21 15% 4-year range
3) 22-26 17% 5-year range (should have been 22-25)
4) 26-35 28% 10-year range
5) 36-45 16% 10-year range
6) 46-55 9% 10-year range
7) 56 and older 8%

4. Sex
1) Male 86%
2) Female 14%

5. Education
1) High school–Current 7%
2) High school–Graduate 2%

3) College–Current 15%
4) College–Graduate 67%

5) Graduate school–Current 2%
6) Graduate school–Graduate 5%
(post-graduate) 2%

6. Occupation (write in): (Answers not included)

7. Hobbies and interests (other than 9/11 subjects): (Answers not included)

You and the Internet

8. Where do you use the internet the most? Please rank most to least.
1) School 9%
2) Work 27%
3) Home 64%
4) Other:

9. Your internet connection is:
1) Broadband 93%
2) Dial-up 7%
3) Other:

10. About how many hours a day are you actively using the internet?
1) Less than 1 2%
2) 1-2 hours 8%
3) 2-3 hours 18%
4) 3-4 hours 29%
5) 4-5 hours 23%
6) 5-6 hours 13%
7) More than 6 hours 7%

11. What do you spend the most time doing on the internet? Please rank most to least
1) School work 16%
2) Job stuff 32%
3) Personal Use and General Browsing 29%
4) 9/11 Research 12%
5) Gaming 9%
6) Other: 2%

12. What social networking sites do you have an account at?
1) MySpace 73% (of the people who answered. Total is over 100%)
2) Facebook 10%
3) Bebo 3%
4) Meetup.com 9%
5) Friendster 4%
6) Tribe 2%
7) Other:

13. Do you have a blog?
1) Yes 9%
2) No 91%

14. If yes to above, how often do you post?
1) Daily 22%
2) Weekly 57%
3) Monthly 21%

15. Aside from blogs, do you have your own website?
1) No 92%
2) Yes, I have a site on a free web host 3%
3) Yes, I have a site on a pay web host 3%
4) Yes, I host a site(s) on my own server 2%

16. What is your primary internet search engine?
1) Google 89%
2) Yahoo 5%
3) Ask.com 1%
4) LiveSearch
5) Dogpile 2%
6) Excite 3%
7) HotBot

17. Do you use P2P file sharing services such as bittorrent?
1) Yes 38%
2) No 62%

18. Do you use Usenet?
1) Yes 6%
2) No 62%

19. Have you ever uploaded video to Youtube, Googlevideo, or other video hosting sites?
1) No 80%
2) Yes – video I made 6%
3) Yes– video others made 14%

20. How often do you watch videos on portable devices such as video iPods and video-enabled cell phones?
1) Often 5%
2) Sometimes 14%
3) Never 81%

21. Of people you consider good friends, did you meet more of them
1) In person 91%
2) On the internet 9%

22. Please rank the methods of communication that you use for personal contact, most frequently to least frequently (if you wish you can delete those that you rarely or never use)
1) Cell Phone – voice and text 62%
2) Telephone – land line 18%
3) Telephone – computer based (Skype, Vonage, etc.) 3%
4) Computer-based email 10%
5) Instant messaging services: (AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger, Jabber, etc.) 6%
6) Internet chat lines (Paltalk, etc.) 1%

23. How would you describe yourself?
1) Very outgoing 15%
2) More outgoing than not 22%
3) It varies a lot 22%
4) More reserved/shy than not 25%
5) Very reserved/shy 16%