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Leaves of Absence


Conference Request Form   |Form|  

  • Request for Leave Form (WTA)   |Form
  • Absence Approval Form (WESA/Non-Union)   |Form
  • Vacation/Personal Day Request Form (Administrators)   |Form

Our contract provides for several different types of leave:

Health Leave - Member:  If an employee has a long term illness that goes beyond the accumulated sick days, you may request a leave of absence for a period of up to one year.  These would be unpaid days.

Health Leave - Family Member:  The Federal FMLA guarantees 12 weeks of leave, unpaid, to attend to a sick family member.

Academic Study Leave:

Military Leave:

Child Rearing Leave:

Adoption Leave:

Other Leave:  The School Committee reserves the right to grant leaves of absence for reasons other than those leaves listed above.  For example, I know of a teacher who asked for a leave to go work with his brother in New Hampshire.  He was granted the one-year leave, but never returned.