If you haven't kept a file for recertification, start now collecting and organizing all PDP certificates, logs of records kept for Professional Development time, course grades, etc.  We have had teachers in our district who have been audited sometimes 2-3 years later.  Being prepared and organized is key to this process!  If you need help, there are workshops being offered.  See DOE flyer below.

 Don't Think You'll Ever Get Audited?

It just might happen to you!  We have several members who have been audited!  They were able to verify pdp's due to accurate record keeping, but it was a stressful process nonetheless!  They recommend that if you are not going to use the Professional Development folder given to each faculty member, then at least keep all documents (ask your Principal for a certificate to confirm your Early Release days and full PD day pdp's) in one place and make sure they are dated as you receive them.  (Better yet, at the top write whether they are for pedagogy, elective or content area!)

 Helpful Information and Forms

Many thanks to Thurston Principal, Allison Borchers, for compiling this information for the TMS staff!  I've "snagged" it for the rest of you! Also included as the first link is a great page from the Massachusetts Teachers Association website which helps define the language of recertification; it's a quick read and worth starting there, especially if this is your first "go around" with the recertification process.