Westwood Teachers Association Home

General Membership Meeting @ 3:45 
May 28th, High School Little Theater,
Our agenda will be
  1. Discussion/Update on State initiatives: SEI, TS Gold, and PARCC
  2. Discussion/Update on clubs/activities/sports stipends. This was part of the last contract negotiations. We have been working this year on figuring out a fair and equitable process for determining stipends.
  3. Discussion/Action on WTA officer stipends. Last year we voted to increase the stipends and separate the Treasurer role from the Membership role. Now that we have seen the responsibilities for the separated Membership role we would like to adjust the stipend.
  4. Discussion: Next year's contract negotiations. 
  5. Other...


Executive Board Meetings - First Tuesday of Month
Next Meeting: June 8th 
                        Deerfield School
                        3:45, Room 6

PSC Meetings- last Tuesday of the month as needed
         Downey School
         3:45,   Library/Media Center
* For more information contact Donna Cantarella