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Krissy Wambolt, Health, TMS 

Can we use Your Picture??!!

Thank you Krissy for letting us use your picture last year!  We need new pictures!  Please send pictures of you teaching in class!  If a student's face is showing, please forward written, parental permission with the picture.
Executive Board Meetings - First Tuesday of Month

New:  Lesley University SPED Interns Update:

Administration has agreed to a one year, $250 stipend for the member teacher.  Feedback will be collected.  We also requested that there be something in writing, such as a policy manual, stating expectations and requirements of members working with interns.  

SEI course registration update:

This information comes directly from Jonathan Landman, DESE SEI Coordinator:

If a core academic teacher will have ELLs in the coming year, they should have received the August 1 letter. The letter encourages them to enroll, but also explains that if they are not able to enroll this year (first-come, first-served), they will have additional opportunities until the end of the district’s training window. In Cohort 2 districts, there will be two more  years in the training window.