Westwood Teachers Association Home

GIC Information Meeting: 
MARCH 3/30 in the Little Theater at the High School
2 Sessions:  2:45-3:30, &  3:45-4:30
*Our MTA rep Ashley Adams and a Boston Benefit Partners member will present current information about the GIC. The Town of Westwood will be moving to the GIC July 1st 2015. There will be a health fair on 4/29 for town employees to choose a new plan that is offered by the GIC.

Executive Board Meetings - First Tuesday of Month
Next Meeting: April 7th, 2015
                        Deerfield School
                        3:45, Room 6

PSC Meetings- last Tuesday of the month as needed
         Downey School
         3:45,   Library/Media Center
* For more information contact Donna Cantarella