Workshop on Verification and Validation of Autonomous Systems

Satellite Workshop of Floc 2018

18-19 July 2018, University of Oxford

Oxford, UK

Autonomous systems are being increasingly developed and used in many areas of society, from driverless cars and unmanned air vehicles, to web-bots and companion robots. A defining characteristic of such systems is that they make decisions for themselves about what to do given their current state, the state of the environment, and the purpose of the system. A key aspect of ensuring that systems with such complex (and often safety-critical) behaviour can be  safely deployed is verification and validation.

The workshop aims to bring together researchers working on a range of techniques for verification and validation of autonomous systems, ranging from formal methods to simulation and testing, to present recent work in the area, discuss key difficulties,  and stimulate collaboration. The workshop will include invited speakers, contributed papers, demonstrations and  panel sessions.