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The quality of collaboration is dependent upon three things: a modicum of mutual trust, a belief that each of us adds value, and a desire to solve the problem.

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Adjust volunteer page background color (darker?) DESIGN   Skipped HB 
Arrange meeting re mockup Kari   Tentative: Jul 18 @ 8:30pm HH 
Adjust background of logo Katrina   Katrina, if we can't adjust this I've made a note in the slideshow about how we intend to work with it in the future ~KW HH 
Adjust Sponsor page form Katrina    KC; HH 
Add photos to sponsor page Katrina    HH 
Add visitor info to Volunteers page Kari    HH 
Add map to volunteer page Kari    HH 
Create Mission Statement Hannah & Hanna    Client 
Draft letter to client Kari   See "Files" to view and edit letter Instructor 
Create brief blog entries ALL   Lookin' good. Feel free to keep adding if you're inspired! KW 
Add Mission Statement to Home and About Us Kari   Added to About Us and footer (every page) HB 
Edit mobile version Kari   Updated, but will need edits when Sponsor page finished KW 
Brainstorm ALL    Instructor 
Add screenshots to Google Slides (after website ready) Hannah, Katrina July 18, 2015    
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