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Srijan - WSN Application

 Development Toolkit 



Sensor network macroprogramming languages including ATaG aim to aid the wide adoption of networked sensing by providing domain experts the ability to specify their applications at a high level of abstraction. We believe it is also necessary to make easy-to-use toolkits for macroprogramming languages in order to both make their task easier, as well as to gain feedback about the macroprogramming paradigms themselves. Hence we developed Srijan, the graphical toolkit supporting the entire life-cycle of ATaG programming from prototyping network architecture, specifying task flow, generating task template, executing compilation to the final code deployment.



The Task Graph Specification GUIis implemented using GME as a separate component while the others are integrated in one general graphical interface - Project Composition GUI which is implemented in Java.  

Quick Start Guide        



Specifying task graphs in Srijan

Specifying network description in Srijan

Compiling and Deploying Applications using Srijan