The Workshop on Heterogeneous Models for Engineering of Interactive Systems is meant to bring scientists and interested researchers together who are interested in the development, investigation and use of heterogeneous models and modeling methods in the context of user interfaces, interaction techniques, and interactive systems. The terms heterogeneous model and heterogeneous modeling approach may be defined as models and methods that facilitate more than one description concept for the description of an artifact (e.g., BPMN and Petri nets, also referred to as multi-model), as a combination of discrete and continuous processes using a description approach (e.g., discrete and continuous Petri nets, also referred to as hybrid model), or the combination of models of various aspects of a system (e.g., in case of co-simulation). The workshop's intention is to present and discuss existing formal methods for the following (not exhaustive) list of topics:
  • heterogeneous models and heterogeneous modeling approaches
  • formal, semi-formal or informal models and languages
  • perspectives on the creation, semi-automatic or automatic generation of interactive systems using a heterogeneous modeling approach
  • verification, validation and analysis methods for interactive systems described using heterogeneous models and approaches
  • model transformation
  • co-simulation
  • applications facilitating heterogeneous models and methods

All details for the submission can be found here. The submission deadline is 23 April 25 May 2018 (extended). More information on important dates can be found here

The workshop will be hold in conjunction with the 10th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS) 2018 in Paris, France, which will be held from June 19 - 22, 2018. To register to the workshop please consult the symposium's registration website.

All accepted contribution to the workshop will be published as CEUR workshop proceedings.

For any questions, please contact one of the member of the Organizing Commitee or write directly to weyers[at]vr.rwth-aachen.de.