In tennis, we say "Love All"

Playing a high school sport is not as easy/attainable as one may think. West Seattle High School charges a $100 sports fee, which doesn't include the cost of equipment or uniforms. Last year we were able to get racquets donated from Avanti Sports because some players didn't have a racquet, nor means to get one. Our jackets and uniforms were paid for by the players and their families, not by the school and not by the sports fee they had to pay. Some students did not play tennis last year because they couldn't afford it. Money is not a reason to not play tennis.

This year I want tennis to be joined by anyone who wants to play. Money should not be a factor.
I learned last week my budget for the season was -$15

Please support our team and help us make this season a success. I'd like to use the money donated to help with equipment costs, uniforms, fees and other necessities other sports don't have to think twice about. Tennis is such an under-funded sport and we need kids playing sports rather than playing video games.

Anything you can give is well-received. I thank you for helping keep tennis alive and I hope we can keep kids active and healthy.


Cathy Thom                            Stuart Thompson                Scott Gunderson
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