The Team

Team Lead and Mission Specialist
Trent Cybela

I am a Senior, studying mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville.  My fields of interest include project management, applications engineering, design engineering, materials science, marketing, and applied dynamics. I also serve as president and founder of Pioneer Rocketry - Platteville's high powered rocketry organization. Over my years as an undergrad, I awoke to the realization that the rockets and satellites which had always lit up my imagination were in fact real - real in the sense that one day I would be able to join the men and women who devote their lives to the expansion of humanity's grasp of space, our solar system, and our future. 

                                                       Ad Astra.

Treasurer and Mission Specialist

Daniel Kass
I am a Senior Computer Engineering student at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. I am still not completely sure what I would like to do with my degree, but I would like to go into embedded systems of some type.  I am currently the Member Educator for the MSOE Chapter of Triangle Fraternity, and the Treasurer for MSOE's Habitat for Humanity organization. 

Webmaster and Mission Specialist

Amber Koeune

I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student at Milwaukee School of Engineering. I will be minoring in Business Management, Mathematics, and German Studies. My future career goal is to work with materials engineering and heat transfer. I am the MSOE Society of Women Engineers Secretary and a Resident Assistant in the MSOE dorms. 

Editor, Technician, and Mission Specialist 

I am a Sophomore at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and planning to double minor in Physics and Mathematics.  I plan on becoming a mechanical engineer so that I can pursue a position at an aerospace firm, preferably working with optical and laser systems.  Other than school related work I am assistant scoutmaster with Troop 686 located in Seffner, Florida, where I enjoy teaching basic skills to new scouts.

Secretary and Mission Specialist
Alana Tirimacco
I am a Sophomore at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, majoring in Biomedical Engineering.  Within this field, I plan to pursue either the cardiology side or biomechanics side of biomedical engineering.  I am  the fundraising chair for MSOE's section of Society of Women Engineers as well as treasurer for  MSOE's Unicycle Club. 

Project Adviser
Dr.Farrow and Atlantis
Dr. William Farrow

I have been teaching at the Milwaukee School of Engineering full time in the Mechanical Engineering department since 2001. Besides teaching courses related to engineering design and engineering mechanics, I work with students pursuing aerospace career goals. I have worked for McDonnell Aircraft Comp., Eaton Corporation’s Corporate Research Division, and at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab as a Faculty Research Fellow.