Workshop Description

The 3rd Workshop on EVENTS will be held at the NAACH HLT 2015 conference in Denver, Colorado on June 4th, 2015.
It follows the successful and fun 1st and 2nd workshops at
NAACL 2013 ( and
ACL 2014 ( conferences.

Reflecting the growing international interest on research on the definition, representation, and detection of events, event coreference, event structure, slot filling, and multi-event sequences (scripts), we identify three main questions for this workshop:

·        Event mentions: When exactly is an event mentioned?  How many events occur in complex mentions such as “they shot the snake dead”?  How should aspectual and event modifiers be best treated?  When are two events the same? Discussions of ongoing event mention annotation and the complexities of the annotation rules.

      Discussion leader: Mitamura.  

·     Definition and categorization of events and other inter-event relations: What are events, states, and eventualities?  How best to represent and organize events?  What relations obtain between events?  Discussions of coreference and the other relations that link them, such as cause and precondition, deepening questions left unanswered in the prior workshops.  

      Discussion leader: Palmer.  

·     Complex event structure and scripts: How can complex event structures be decomposed?  Where do event scripts begin and end?  How do they relate to participants and their goals?  The manual and automated creation of event scripts, evinced by increasing interest in automated event induction in the HLT community.  

      Discussion leader: Hovy.