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Resupply Store

PCT Hiker Re-Supply Store

The Warner Springs Community Resource Center operates a PCT Hiker Re-Supply store during the hiking season (Approx March thru May 31).

The net proceeds benefit the Center’s numerous community charitable programs.

Below is a partial list of what items we stock, subject to availability/inventory.


Tuna and salmon pouches

Instant rice, pasta, potatoes, Ramen

Spam, Slim Jims

Fruit cups, Pudding cups, Pop Tarts

Cliff Bars, Nature Valley Granola bars,

Newtons Fig bars,

                                           Vitamin D Power packs

Snickers, Oreos, Planter

Fruit and Nut mix, peanut butter,

Potato chips, Cheez-It,

raisins, Ice cream


Soft drinks, Gatorade, protein drinks, water, Smart Water, Nescafe, juice


AA and AAA batteries, super glue, butane fuel canisters, flip flops, tee-shirts, memorabilia

Health and Hygiene

Sunscreen, foot powder, toothpaste, Advil, Band-Aids, Chapstick, toilet paper, deodorant, razors, antiseptic cream, elastic bandages, feminine hygiene products, Micropore bandages, moleskin, Wet Ones, detergent