Another struggling writer

Most of the struggle entails actually sitting down and writing. Instead, I spend a great deal of time on reading one star reviews of popular books. I calibrate the accuracy of the comments by including my favorite books in the list of comments I review. Then I mentally argue or support the opinion of the reviewer. Do I actually give my own reviews? Of course not....I'm a writer. I have my own work to do.

“First, there must be talent, much talent. Talent such as Kipling had. Then there must be discipline. The discipline of Flaubert. Then there must be the conception of what it can be and absolute conscience as unchanging as the standard meter in Paris, to prevent faking. Then the writer must be intelligent and disinterested and above all he must survive. Try to get all these in one person and have him come through all the influences that press on a writer. The hardest thing, because time is so short, is for him to survive and get his work done.”

~Ernest Hemingway