This is a sample ePortfolio, to show how Google Sites could be used to generate a student portfolio of work. You can easily add a new container for uploads (a "Page") - as many as you want. Pages might sort your portfolio materials by category (Resume, Papers, Presentations) or by class (US History I, World Civ III) or by year (Freshman Year, Sophomore Year...). Since you can create as many sites as you want, you should begin by creating an "archive" site to which you just capture and upload everything (and make it accessible only to yourself). Then from that, you can create customized portfolio sites which linkĀ  back to selected files in your "archive."

WSC students have 7GB of storage space built into their Google accounts, so there's a lot of room for files of any format: text, audio, video, etc. Get instructions on how to set up your own, by clicking here, or by accessing the instructions under the "Files" link in the left hand sidebar.