1. How are the tickets  priced?

By comparison to similar events and accommodation in the area and the contract that the WSC has with the venue.

2. Can I pay at the door?

No .All tickets are to be bought in advance.

3. I do not want to use PayPal. Do I have to?

No. You may also pay for your ticket by sending a

check to

PO Box 255
Nyack, NY 10960

4. It looks like I might be paying for meals I won't eat Can I bring my own meals/Brown bags /grey sheet etc and reduce my ticket price?

No. The venue does not allow outside catering on its premises. The option of ticket prices without catering was explored, but at this time the WSC Committee has decided to go with the catered option.

5. Can I bring my child?


6. I have a disability, can I get a special room?

Please get in touch us with to clarify what your needs are BEFORE you purchase a ticket. Please write WSC@underearneranonymous.org

7. What if I can't come and I have paid for my ticket?

The ticket is transferable and you may sell it to someone else, subject to certain terms. Please get in touch with WSC@underearneranonymous.org

8. What if I can't come at the last minute?

If the committee is aware of someone on the waiting list who can purchase it last minute, we will endeavor to help, you will receive a refund less 10% after the event.

9. Is there any free entry?


10. Will I be able to listen in over the phone?

Because of cost of the event and its importance, in person attendance is the only recommendation. At this point there are  NO plans for phone hooks ups or listening in live as has been done at other events. This could change closer to the date.

11. I would love to be of service -how do I become a WSCC volunteer?

By giving substantial service to the committee well before the event. Please write WSC@underearneranonymous.org for more details.

Other Notes

WSCC  formally begins 6pm Tuesday  27th August 2013 though you may begin to check in from noon

Please do not ask a residential member to allow you to sleep in their room overnight- no matter what.

*Any residential member who allows a commuter to share their room will be charged a full overnight rate for that commuter. Please don't do it, as it breaches the terms and conditions of the contract the WSC has with the venue.

All breakages and losses must be paid for.

Please ensure you have all your belongings with you when you leave.

Commuters may arrive before the official start of the day but no earlier than 8:30am.

Commuters must formally check out each day after dinner  no later than 8:30pm . 

Shared rooms will be allocated by gender. Please make your gender clear on the registration  form, which will be sent to you after payment is received. . Please  include a phone number on your registration form.

A space will be provided for prayer and meditation, this space  is open to all faiths. Residential members may access this space 24/7.