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Wakefield Soccer Association
Welcome to the WSA Coaches Corner. 

Please click on the WSA Curriculums tab in order to find out this weeks topic/session. Alternativley, please look through the archive of practices to design your own session.

Sometimes as a coach we expect instant improvement and understanding from our players.
                                   PATIENCE - PAINT - PRACTICE - PRODUCE.

There are six guiding principles to enjoy your coaching of young players and to enhance their learning and enjoyment: 

1. Use activity which is developmentally appropriate
2. Allow for decision making
3. Use a space which helps your topic and is safe
4. Develop activity starting simple, then add complexity
5. Keep instruction clear, concise and on topic
6. Make sure the games are soccer relevant
7. (Bonus: Always have fun scrimmage games)

Remember to adapt your sessions so that they are age appropriate. - A child is not a small adult
If you haven't had a bad session, then you're not trying anything new. Come out of your comfort zone.