Web RunTime on S60 devices !

 This page is dedicated to the Web Runtime Technology (WRT) available for many Nokia S60 3rd devices (some FP1, FP2 and the 5800 ExpressMusic !)

Nokia has extended its S60 browser engine to behave as a runtime platform ! 

You can use your existing skills in standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript to develop easily your own widget.

And it's very easy to deploy on your device (no more sign need) :-) The wgz extension is a zip file (like the jar extension for java) recognized by your file browser (xplore , standard file explorer). So you can click and directly install it on your device !

In conclusion : QUICK to develop , EASY to distribute and FUN to use !

devices supporting WRT : 

 S60 3rd FP1 with updated firmwares 

 S60 3rd FP2 : N96 , N85 , N79 , 5320 ExpressMusic , 6650 , N78 , 6210 Navigator and 6220 classic

 S60 5th : Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic

Try the widget below this text and share of what you think about these funny pictures !