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                                                  Welcome to 2018/2019 Elementary Keyboarding!
What Did We Learn This Week?
September 5-September 14
Third graders were introduced to Keyboarding class.  They learned classroom procedures and posture, learned home row keys, and took a WPM pre-test.  These students also learned the keys:  h, e, o, r, i, and t, and they began working on Typing Jungle.

Fourth and fifth graders reviewed classroom procedures and expectations.  They reviewed home row keys and took a WPM pre-test.  They also reviewed the h, e, o, r, i, t, u, c, g, right shift, n, w, b and p keys and continued progressing through Typing Jungle.

                  What is Keyboarding?
**Whether you are a third, fourth, or fifth grader, for the next few weeks, you will be learning and practicing the invaluable skill of keyboarding.  You will be working, in the computer lab on a qwerty keyboard, and you will be introduced to every letter of the alphabet, punctuation marks, function, keys, and numbers.   You will be tested three times to determine your WPM (word per minute) score.  The WRPS benchmark that should be achieved by the end of the year is as follows:

The key to being successful in Keyboarding class is simple... PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  Only through practicing the correct stroking technique will you continue to build MUSCLE MEMORY!

As you advance through elementary, middle, high school, and beyond, you will realize how important it will be to know how to keyboard as you learn, communicate, and share your ideas/knowledge. Here are some facts about Keyboarding Class:

  • 6 Weeks for 3rd Graders
  • 3 Weeks for 4th/5th Graders
  • Meet for 30 Minutes Each Day
  • Textbook- WRPS Keyboarding Binder
  • Practice on TypingClub and Dance Mat
  • Will Develop a Slide Presentation
  • Pre-Test Day 1
  • Post-Test Day 30 (or 15)
  • Final Test-End of School Year

        Example of a Daily Agenda:

Keyboarding Day 1

3rd Grade SUPER Keyboarders
 Mr. Novinska's 3rd Grade Class Mead Elementary School100% Met Benchmark 10-15+WPM!!!!

5th Grade SUPER Keyboarders
Mrs. Peter's 5th Grade Class
Grant Elementary School
100% Met Benchmark-20-25+ WPM!!!

Check back for next week's...
       SUPER KEYBOARDER!                           

WRPS Elementary 
Keyboarding Calendar

**Refer to this calendar for beginning and  ending dates for individual schools!  It is  constantly being updated, so check back often!  

2018-2019 Elementary Keyboarding

In Case You Missed It...
    **Below is the parent letter I handed out on the first day of class!

2018 Parent Letter

4th Grade SUPER Keyboarders
 Mrs. Roe's 4th Grade Class
 Woodside Elementary School 96% Met Benchmark 15-20+ WPM!!

**Each Tuesday, Mrs. B. will post a fun fact on this  site.  Be ready to share this fact on Fridays!

    Did you know that experts believe you must repeat an action about 40,000 times to create muscle memory?