Welcome to Educational Counseling at WRMS.

This web page provides information on what Educational Cousneling is and how to recieve it at WRMS. The school social worker provides this services at West Rocks Middle School(WRMS).

School social workers are critical members of the educational team, as they go to the source of problems that students are experiencing and work with the student, school and family to remedy them. For many families, the school social worker is the person who is first in line for information about issues that affect a child's learning.
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Educational counseling for a student can be requested by a parent, teacher or the Pupil Placement Team (PPT). 

A school social worker works with students, families and teachers to solve problems relating to student achievement and mental health.
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The school social worker provides educational counseling to students with an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Although educational counseling is also available to all students in the school.

The counseling service consists of emotional support for peer relations, self esteem, school avoidance, and Greif. Referrals to community agencies are also provided by the school social worker.

If you are interested in speaking with the school social worker at WRMS, please call or email at the above phone or email.