Basic Web Page

Writing Web Pages


This project describes my approach how people with a basic understanding of internet and HTML can develop there own web pages. It starts with very simple pages and then progressively improves these using and a few free or in-expensive software products.

This is the first simple page.


I, like many others no doubt, can get carried away with the technology to the detriment of achieving the prime objective. For example tinkering with the many image programs available these days when I should really be out photographing. The same is true with writing web pages, there are so many approaches you can spend your whole time experimenting with these and not writing.

This exercise is to determine the best compromise between

  • Ease

  • Time

  • Flexibility for future enhancements

  • Conformance with standards

Web Presence

To participate in the web you need

  • Web space

  • Develop web pages

Web Space

To start with I will use web space that is free, and as such I am going to use

  • Google Sites

  • Weebly

Develop web pages

I original thought I would use tools such as Google Site, Weebly to prototype web pages and then write final pages using bespoke HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). However I now do the reverse and write very simple HTML source and use this to prepare final design on Google Sites and/orWeebly.Com. This means that I have free web space to use, quick attractive designs, and yet the HTML source which I can use in almost any other approach I may adopt in the future.

First Page

This then is my first page which I will process through the above stages, making additional pages describing what is happening which I will attach to this page as I progress.

I will the repeat this using Weebly.

iPad iPhone

In 2011 I switched to Apple platform and discovered that web pages written with Google Sites that use embedded Google documents do not display on iPhone and iPad. Therefore  I no longer embed docs into sites.

Future work 

  1. Amend this page to include links to topics mentioned.

  2. Include images

  3. Change default colours and fonts

  4. Create equivalent page from native HTML

  5. Use CSS style sheets with above

  6. Create a photo album

    1. Picasa Web Album

    2. Picasa bespoke album

    3. Flickr album

    4. DIY album (perhaps)


The title was originally H1, then font Verdana selected and size set to 24.

I have used

OO (Open Office) headings 1,2 and 3.

OO numbered lists

OO embedded numbered list (to do this use tab icon in OO lists pop-up toolbar)

OO italics

For those who cannot wait..

You can see my Google Sites Mathematics pages by clicking here.