Some people think that young people should be required to do unpaid work helping people in the community. Are disadvantages of this requirement greater than the benefits for the community and individuals?

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It is true that volunteer work provides great benefits for both participants and the community. However, forcing the youth to engage in those activities may be counterproductive, as now will be explained.

On the one hand, if young people were required to do social jobs for free, there would be certain advantages for all sides related. A vast majority of the younger population are energetic, dynamic and  passionate  about  improving  themselves,  and  it  is  the  unpaid  work  that  can  satisfy  that demand.  Charitable campaigns such as teaching primary schoolchildren or helping the elderly with their daily activities provide the participants with not only new knowledge and skills, but also a  sense  of  community  and  a  belief  that  they  are  a  pivotal  part  of  societies.  Vice  versa,  the government, with the assistance from young people, has a productive workforce available for charity work without wasting money on the recruitment process.

On the other hand, I believe that the disadvantages of this are more important. Working on a volunteer basis may distract young people from their priorities. For example, students of state universities and colleges are expected to attend lessons, complete homework and even consult external academic materials. With such a heavy workload, those students should spend their little remaining time relaxing or playing sports rather than joining free social activities. Regarding those who  do  not  go  to  school,  vocational  or  internship  courses  are  what  they  should  seek  for. Professional skills from such classes are tools for these individuals to achieve a stable later life; therefore, the community should allow them to pursue their career.

In conclusion, the youth can choose to support others, and the volunteer work should never be made obligatory.

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