The consumption of the world's resources (oil, and water etc.) is increasing at a dangerous rate. What are causes and solutions?

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The accelerating rate of natural resources consumption has been a major topic of concern in recent  years.  As  some  factors  are  likely  to  trigger  this  alarming  trend,  a  number  of  drastic measures can be employed to slow down the pace.

Perhaps it is the key role of natural resources in boosting economic growth and the heavy reliance on natural resources that accompany each other to create this dire situation. Today, precious commodities from nature such as gas, oil and coal still remain crucial to the operation of a country as transport and industries would grind to a halt without the energy and fuel generated from these resources.  In  emerging  economies  which  are  striving  to  rise,  the  demands  for  resources  are certainly on the increase. The dependence on natural resources is also to blame as it is easier to exploit them from nature than developing and converting to sustainable alternatives such as wind and solar energy, which requires many years and great determination to produce  changes on a large scale.

In  order  to  alleviate  the  existing  problem,  there  are  some  feasible  solutions.  One  step  to  be mentioned is that the authority should impose higher taxes on the use of natural resources to deter further consumption. On the other hand, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power  can  be  developed  to  substitute  fossil  fuels  in  transport  and  manufacture.  Lastly, governmental  campaigns  need  to  be  launched  to  make  individuals  acknowledge  the  risks  of overusing natural resources through the mass media.

In  conclusion,  the  overuse  of  the  world’s  resources  may  result  in  severe  consequences, threatening the environment and many people’s life, and strong measures must be implemented to tackle this situation.

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