When people live in a foreign country, they should follow local traditions and customs. Do you agree or not?

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As the immigrants in many countries are rising in number, an opinion emerges that it is necessary for these outsiders to embrace the culture of the natives. In my personal view, suc h assimilation is completely justifiable for certain reasons.

In the first place, non-native residents should consider adopting the cultural changes for the sake of their easy immigration. It can be universally acknowledged that the people of a nation takepride in their own cultural features such as beliefs, lifestyle and cuisine which greatly influence their life. Therefore, any slight sign showing the lack of respect for the native culture is likely to result in the unfriendliness or even isolation from the local community. To facilitate the integration process and prevent any potential trouble, it is highly advisable that the settlers conform to the standards of behaviour expected by the foreign society.

In addition, it is beneficial for emigrants to accept new traditions and customs as such an action boosts mutual understanding between cultures and alleviates the conflicts. If foreign people are willing to change themselves a little to blend in, for example, avoiding the consumption of beef in India or joining the traditional celebration of Tet in Vietnam with the natives, the local people will definitely  exhibit  a  very  amiable  attitude  towards  the  foreigners.  As  a  result  of  strengthened understanding  and  friendship,  it  is  reasonable  to  say  that  there  will  be  almost  no  room  for discrimination or conflicts.

In conclusion, I entirely support the view of encouraging immigrants to accept the culture of their new homelands, as there will be significant benefits for them eventually.

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