Leaders and directors in an organization are normally older people. Some people think younger leader would be better. Do you agree or disagree?

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People have different views about whether older or younger people are more suitable for important positions in organizations. While I accept that old individuals have significantly important qualities, I believe younger ones are more likely to become good leaders.

On the one hand, elderly people can be good leaders for some reasons. Firstly, as old people have worked for many years, they have accumulated much more work experience compared to younger workers. This might allow them to make wiser decisions and bring success to the company they work for. Secondly, older people are often more respected by others. Therefore, they can have a more powerful voice within the company, and people are more likely to listen to them. If leaders are young, they might find it hard to influence other employees.

On the other hand, I believe it will be better if young people take up important positions. The first reason is that since young individuals tend to be physically stronger, they can handle big responsibilities and much work. Being a leader requires people to work with much pressure, and old people are often not capable of doing that. Additionally, younger people are usually more creative, so they are more likely to find newer and better improvements which benefit the entire organization. For example, a young manager can come up with a new advertising strategy for a product, which contributes to the increasing sales of the company.

In conclusion, while I accept that old individuals can be good leaders of an organization, I believe these important positions should be given to younger people.

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