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Additional Online Resources

Warning Label Genrator - What better way to caution your students against making certain grammatical or stylistic errors than to attach it to a skull and crossbones.
  Aviary.com allows users to caputre any webpage with one easy step. Just add Aviary.com/in front of any URL and boom, your screen shot is captured You then have the option to edit and crop yoru shot, and save it as a pic to your desktop. Click here for their instructions page.
   Need a documentary? You can choose from 700 documentaries available free through Snagfilms. This website offers both full versions of documentaries from new and already-established filmmakers and makes it easy to "snag" a film and publish it on the web.
Word-It-Out allows users to create word clouds out of text. Additional info from Free Technology for Teachers site.
Wordle is a site with similar capabilities. 
Awesome Highlighter is an easy-to-use tool for highlighting, clipping, saving, and sharing interesting things you find on the web, according to the blog, Free Technology for Teachers.
Flixtime - Quickly Create Short Videos.  This website gives users the ability to create 60 second videos by mixing together images, video clips, and music tracks, according to Free Technology for Teachers.
 Sticky-Notes.net Lite is a freeware for Windows that allows an easy way to keep your ideas, notes, lists, etc. Key features include the ability to create sticky notes that remain on your screen until you close them, along with the ability to send sticky notes over the internet and numerous ways to customize. There is a low-cost upgraded version of this software as well.
Macroexpress allows users to record, edit and play back mouse and keyboard macros, which can help them be more productive.  The blog Teach Online explains how to use Macroexpress to speed up grading.
Exploretree allows users to map their thoughts in different formats. It looks like a great resource to allow students to prewrite a topic in a variety of formats that allow writers to think through issues from a variety of perspectives. There are templates to map you're own ideas, solve problems, explore, analyze, and tackle multiple perspectives. Read more about Exploretree on the Free Technology for Teachers blog.