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Internationally Certified Master Tutor
Schedule your tutoring sessions in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties...

Tutoring, editing,&practical assistance
       We provide resources for communication skills,
writing, reading, study skills, SAT preparation,
computer literacy, and more.  Our clients include students, teachers, professors,  
businesses, nonprofits, and professionals.
We provide tutoring at Beaverton Library, Lake Oswego Library, PCC Campuses, PSU,
high schools, libraries, other locations & venues.  Please call to schedule a session at
one of  these locations or at other locations or coffeehouses where wireless access is
available.  Home tutoring is also available.  503-697-1670

Hourly Tutoring Rates:
Students           $25-35/hr 
Others               $35-45/hr     
Home tutoring $30-60/hour
Commercial     $60/hr
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Editing QuoteWe edit grammar, style, substance, and content. 
Copy-editing:  $30.00/hr for In-depth editing
($1.00 to $5.00 per page).  This fee covers overall review
of transitions & rhetoric.  Minimum order:  $15. 
For longer work, send first five pages, fo