Angela is excited to offer copy editing, proofreading, and fact checking services online. She lives in the Twin Cities area if you'd like to meet in person as well.

Do you have a book, essay, article, or other document or piece of writing that needs a looking-over? Angela is an experienced copy editor who has checked newspaper copy for spelling, grammar, style, punctuation, layout, and fact errors. She also has a bachelor's degree with two minors, all in the humanities field, which means she has written more than she cares to think about, and about a wide variety of topics.

While she was working on those degrees, she taught, wrote, presented, and researched environmentalism, which gave her hands-on training in communicating scientific ideas to all types of audiences. This wide range of educational and professional experience taught her that she loved research and writing, so she went on to pursue a master's degree in library and information science, which required yet more high-quality, high-stakes writing (click here to see samples of her writing from this program). She is familiar with most style manuals and can quickly learn anything you bring to her.

Angela will read through your draft and discuss it with you to ensure that the overall tone and meaning are preserved through her work with your document. Then, once she is done, she will return it to you to ensure it is what you want. Throughout the process, she will work with you  to ensure that the final product meets your needs.

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