Ubuntu Linux on my lap

Got Lotta Linux. Get on with the Acts! 

I have finally got Linux on my laptop. Just installed Ubuntu Linux - 6.06 LTS Dapper Drake. And I am in KDE at the preferred resolution of 1200x800 for my Sony Vaio Laptop model VGN-FS115Z. Hey, Google knows, I am composing this within Firefox inside it.

Things to configure shortly:

  • Sony vaio special Function keys :- For volume, brightness, and others. 
  • The windows key enable key board shortcuts. Win-D, Win-E, Win-F, Win-Space etc. 

  • Cleanup my KDE Panel for my preferred arrangement.

  • Configure/learn more keyboard shortcuts and window manager features.

  • My own local machine websites using Python Django, Ruby Rails, PHP Wordpress. All on Postgresql, Apache

  • Get GVIM, Emacs and run Slime/Swank on Steel Bank Common Lisp.

  • Get lots of games and enjoy with my son.

  • Get my old PS/2 Mouse running on a Parallel port via a converter. (Touchpad is a little inconvenient)

I have linked my page on Linux on Laptop website. And so, will post more technical details for those who have the same system and are also keen on playing with Linux.