Welcome to Writing 105: Online 

Dear Everyone, 

Thank you for all the work you've put into this semester. Each semester you complete makes you stronger, smarter, and wiser. All of you have great potential and many of you have put out extraordinary work in this course. 

Thank you for your candid feedback in your letters. It being my first semester here at SU, I was making transitions and learning what life was like here just like many of you. I'm glad to have spent my first semester here as your instructor. 

The website will be open until Sunday evening, should you wish to double check your portfolios or make last-minute changes.  

I hope you all have a peaceful and relaxing holiday. 

Melissa Kizina

Both classes have access to this page, so take advantage of the collaborative power of many smart people :)

As site collaborators, you have the power to edit any page in the site. This is like our class wiki. Click on some buttons and see what they do... don't worry, you can't break anything. If you want to add or change something on a page, feel free to do so in any way you deem appropriate. Obviously, you shouldn't edit anyone else's project proposal or post anything offensive, but do contribute in any way you like to the communal pages.

I've added the page from which to create your Invention Portfolios, so if you're interested in the online option you can get started on figuring out what kinds of things you can do and how to do them. You can check out my example portfolio for some ideas, or just go nuts and make your own bomb set of pages. 

Click on the Consumer Media page and follow any of the link to the page named Specific Examples! Here is where you will post the specific example(s) of consumer media that you will be using to illustrate your particular argument about race and/or gender.   

Head over to the Project Proposals page and follow the instructions to post your proposal, if you haven't already done so. Then, comment on a couple other proposals; you should comment on at least 3 proposals.