We are Writers Ink of Central Indiana. . .
a writing group that stemmed from a creative writing class in the late 1990's. We don't pay dues, or invoke bylaws; however, all we require is respect and consideration for our fellow writers.

We've often been asked how we've been able to maintain a successful group for so long. We believe it not only lies in the support and positive feedback we offer each other, but also in our informal
 agenda that we make a concentrated effort to adhere to as follows:
  • Share time
  • Weekly critique
  • Short write
"Social time" is reserved for the second Thursday of each month when we take some time out to eat and chat after our regular meeting.

 Each week, we pull two prompts from a jar of Deluxe Mixed Nuts (sans the nuts, of course).  These topics lend inspiration for a short write and a long write. For the short write, we take about ten minutes (plus or minus) and write whatever comes to mind. In the instance where all of us suffer from writer's block, we do a Round Robin Write. One person starts it and then we pass it on to the next person until it reaches the last one. These are the most fun, because we never know what will come out of our collective creative minds. The long write gives us a little extra time to come back with a more polished work to share with the group. 


Our logo, designed by Violet Ryan.

Contact us at members.writers.ink@gmail.com