In today's Information Age, it has become increasingly important that all children are given an education that enables them to synthesize, organize, reflect on, and respond to data in their world.   ~ Lucy Calkins

Writing Workshop is a method of writing instruction developed by Lucy Calkins and educators involved in the Reading and Writing Project  at Columbia University

This method of instruction focuses on the goal of fostering lifelong writers. It is based upon four principles; students will write about their own lives, they will use a consistent writing process, they will work in authentic ways and it will foster independence.  In order for this successful  teaching method  to reach today’s writers, teachers must integrate technology and 21st century skills into the program appropriately.

 Workshop participants will explore the collaborative and student-driven structure of Writer’s Workshop and discover best practices for integrating technology into each component to develop lifelong writers. Effective use of 21st century skills, Google Apps, blogs, and Web 2.0 tools will be shared, enabling participants to match their current resources to student tested activities, projects and CCS-based assessments that can be used immediately in their classroom.