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BLOG - Lifestyle in Current Events: How to Write a Book
BLOG - Lifestyle in Current Events: How to Write a Book

Articles and Letters written for 1) Real Estate, 2) Holiday or Greeting Card Makers, 3) Business Cards, 4) Promotions describing events related to natural or visual images captured in written text, humming nature scenes. For example:

 A Brisk Summer Night


Upon watching glimmers of twinkling lights and humming crickets vibrating a musical tone, I noticed a gem in the night sky.  


To my right, a tree outlined a silhouette of  falling grass targeting the ground.  To my left, running water silently gave note of dried vegetation.  Above and to my center, a crescent moon shinned with clear; untouchable stillness.


The 3-D relief of the moon showed frontal similarities of untouched cascading marble, slicing the night time sky.  In similarity to, a kite maneuvering with sharp movements; in the day time sky.  


A natural wonder, the night time


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