WriteRainbow is an easy-use Application. There are two main windows: the start window and the drawing window.

Start window

When you start WriteRainbow, you enter into the Start window. 
You will see three thumbnails in the center. They represent the last 3 files you opened before. (The first time you start WriteRainbow, those three will be blank.) You can click on it to open it.

There are 4 buttons:
  1. New file: click this to open a new (blank) file. And the drawing window will be shown;
  2. Help: Show the help page;
  3. Dropbox: Show the documents in your Dropbox account. Note that WriteRainbow creates its own folder in your Dropbox account (Apps\WriteRainbow). It uses this folder only. So you need to put files into that folder if you want to sync them to your iPad. The first time you click this button, the login dialog will be shown.
  4. Browse: Click it to select a file you stored in your iPad. Those are the files you created and saved, or synced using iTunes, or downloaded from Dropbox.

Drawing Window

After you click the "New File" icon, or click one of the thumbnail, or browsed and selected a local file, the Drawing window will be shown.

This one shows an empty document with the background image only. Now you draw directly on it. It is just as simple as that.

To activate the menu, click and hold on any point of the screen.
The menu is shown in the above image. It has the following icons:
  1. Save: Save the current document into your local storage;
  2. Exit: Exit the Drawing window and go back to the start window;
  3. Email: Email the current document. Once you click this, a new window will appear for you to enter the email address, and message body. The current document will be attached. Note that if you don't enter any message and just email it to another iPad user, the this document will be shown in the message body of the email directly. 
  4. Settings: Change the settings. Please refer to the Settings section below.
  5. Pen: Click this if want to draw;
  6. Eraser: Click this if you want to erase;
  7. Icon stamping: You can pick an icon using Settings, and then you can click a point inside the document. The icon you picked will be stamped at that location;
  8. Zoom: Zoom in or zoom out.  Note that if you zoom in first and then draw, you will get a much better effect. WriteRainbow supports 2x zoom in. Once you zoom in, click this button again will zoom out.
  9. Undo: Undo the last draw or erase or icon stamping;
  10. delete: delete the current document;
  11. Dropbox upload: Upload the current document to Dropbox;
  12. Information;
  13. OK: Close the menu bar.


If you click the Settings button on the menu bar, you will see the following setting page.
Now we get to the advanced features here. You see three sections in the Settings page. On top you also see two buttons. The cancel button cancels whatever you selected here and go back to the Drawing page. The OK button accepts the change and go back to the Drawing page.

Line section

The first section on top is the section for setting the drawing line. By default you are drawing "RainbowB", which stands for Rainbow color with black outline. The other choices are:
  • Normal: If you click this button, you can then select color using the color wheel below it. The drawing line will be normal solid color.
  • RainbowB: Rainbow color with black outline. When you select this, you don't need to pick color, because the color is automatically changed along the line.
  • Rainbow: Draw in rainbow color without outline;
  • WhiteOutline: This is the Normal solid color with white outline;
  • BlackOutline: This is the Normal solid color with black outline;
If you select RainbowB or Rainbow, you can adjust how fast the color changes, using the "Rainbow length" slider. Slide it to the left if you want the color to change quickly; to the right if you want the color to change gradually. 

Then the color wheel for picking color if you select Normal, WhiteOutline, or BlackOutline. For these three choices, you can further adjust the brightness and the transparency of the color. The effect will be previewed in the Preview section.

For any of the 5 choices above, you can also adjust the line width. 

For convenience, the last 5 colors you picked are shown in the Color selection history section. You can pick one by clicking it.

Icon section

Besides drawing on the page, you can also stamp icons on it. You pick an icon from the icon sections by clicking it. You can also specify how big the stamp you want it to be. The default is shown here as 48x48.

Background section

You can pick a background image for your document here by clicking at one of the built-in one. Or you can click the "Browse" button and select an image from the local storage as the background.

Getting started

Create first document

When you first start WriteRainbow, you will see the following image:
Chick "New File" button to create a new document. This document is empty.
Use your finger or a stylus to draw directly on the document and you will see something like this
Your handwriting for sure is much better than mine. ;-) Now you have your first document. You can save it. Please chick and hold on any point inside the document, and the menu bar will show up. 
One you click the Save icon, a popover shows up. You can click an existing file to replace it or chick "Save As" button. 
Once you click Save As, a dialog appears for you to enter the file name.

Enter a new name "MyFirstFile" and click OK. Now click and hold on any point on the document again to activate the menu bar, just like what you did above. 
Then we go back to the start window:

Email a document

Click the thumbnail above to re-open the last document. Click and hold any point to activate the menu item. 
Click the Email button, and you will see
Here you can enter the email information, and click Send. The file will attached.

Icon stamping

Open a document, and activate the menu bar by click and hold on a point.
The setting page is shown. 
Click an icon to select. The setting page closes automatically. Click and hold to activate the menu bar again, and select the "stamp" icon.
Click a point to stamp.
Save the file if you like this file.

Zoom in to edit

Zoom in and then edit, and you will get a much better visual effect. Open a document, and activate the menu bar. Please know that the document will be zoomed in around the point you click, so click on the place you want to write.
This is what you see after zoomed in around the area you clicked.
Now just write or draw on the screen as before.
You can click and hold to activate the menu bar and zoom out. 

Auto shift in zoom in

If you zoom in and then write, once the end of the drawing line reaches the edge, the display will auto-shift and move the the left, so you can write the next section. If you reach the edge of the page, it will automatically zoom-out, so you can select a new point to zoom in again.

Dropbox integration

Click the Dropbox icon to link to Dropbox.
The selected file will be downloaded into the local storage of your iPad.

You can also upload a file to your Dropbox. Open the file you want to upload, activate the menu bar and select the dropbox icon. The file will be uploaded to your Dropbox account.

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